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Coronavirus Risk Assessments

Learn how to assess and mitigate risk across key sectors

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Company Reports to the Rescue: Four Uses for Supplier Data in Procurement

Company-specific reports, also called supplier profiles or vendor assessments, contain valuable supplier information that supports vendor management and guides decision making.

Coronavirus Price Risk Profile - PPE & Sterilization Equipment

The outbreak of coronavirus has led to closures of retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, hotels and other establishments. As these businesses resume operations, demand for sterilization and personal protective equipment is expected to increase.

Merge Ahead: Three Markets to Watch for Consolidation

Years of economic prosperity ended with the COVID-19 pandemic. Read up on how M&A has shifted during this unique recession.

AI Brings Remote Learning Close to Home

Five EdTech platforms meeting education’s challenges face-to-face.

Workplace Diversity Spotlight: Building & Supporting a Diverse Workforce

ProcurementIQ examines the most effective recruiting, development and retention strategies to enhance your company’s diversity initiatives.

Workplace Diversity Spotlight: Developing an Inclusive Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR initiatives are uniquely positioned to influence corporate decision-making processes and promote diversity and inclusion from the inside out.

Coronavirus Price Risk Profile - Construction & Real Estate Services

As the economy-at-large closed to limit the spread of COVID-19, construction and real estate activity was severely hindered despite being considered essential in some states. As the economy reopened and borrowing rates were held at low levels, several delayed or suspended projects resumed.

Coronavirus Price Risk Profile - Professional Services

The coronavirus outbreak has caused widespread office closures and severely disrupted business operations. Most governments have the resumption of in-office business operations as one of the last phases of their reopening plans, which have been disrupted due to the recent increase in cases throughout the country.

Coronavirus Price Risk Profile - Raw Materials

The coronavirus outbreak caused a marked drop in overall US productivity, with numerous businesses facing slowdowns or closing their doors. As overall economic activities resume according to county- and state-led plans, raw materials providers are seeing a return to growth in orders and sizable price increases as a result.

Coronavirus Price Risk Profile - Business Operations Service

The coronavirus outbreak has led to widespread closures of office buildings, schools, storefronts, amusement parks and other venues. As these venues reopen according to county- and state-led plans, requests for business operations services are soaring.

Supply Chain Lessons Learned from the Coronavirus

Years of solely focusing on efficiency left supply chains brittle. Here’s what we can learn from their breakdown.

Workplace Diversity Spotlight: 6 Steps to Supplier Diversity

Amid widespread calls for greater inclusivity, companies are more motivated than ever to strengthen diversity within the workplace. 

Companies Offering Disinfectant Wipes

Find information on companies offering disinfectant wipes from the procurement experts at ProcurementIQ

Companies Offering Disposable Gowns

Find information on companies offering disposable gowns from the procurement experts at ProcurementIQ

Companies Offering Hand Held Thermometers

Find information on companies offering hand held thermometers from the procurement experts at ProcurementIQ