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The Next Cyber Crisis: 3 Steps to Prepare Your Business

To address the issues that have arisen regarding cybercrime, businesses and their IT departments should be aware of the different steps they can take and products and services they can implement to protect their data systems.

The Next Generation of Procurement: Building Your Team with Millennials

Through embracing innovation, new technology and progressive business practices, millennials could be the next dominant force in procurement.

Game Theory Negotiations: Are You Striving for the Win or the Win-Win?

How strategic do you get during negotiations? For some organizations, saving money is their ultimate priority, so they may go in just wanting the lowest price the vendor can offer.

Grow Your Network with Our Top Procurement Influencers

Looking to grow your network and learn from the movers and shakers in the procurement arena? You can gain a lot by following and connecting with professionals who have a wide variety of experience, roles, responsibilities and activities.

The Future is Here: Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Procurement

If you are a procurement professional, you rely on making decisions quickly. The quality of your decisions is based on the quality of your data. Learn more about how smart contracts and blockchain come into play.

Characteristics of a Successful Procurement Professional

What characteristics do you think a successful purchasing professional should have? First determine if your department is expected be to clerical or strategic. From there, you can decide which characteristics will bring your department and organization the most success.

New Year, New Bill: How Tax Reform Will Affect You in 2018 & Beyond

ProcurementIQ has identified a few industries that are likely to see the biggest impact from the tax bill. While many upstream businesses will benefit from higher demand, procurement departments will experience higher prices on several key products and services.

How Well Do You Know Your Suppliers?

There are many benefits of vendor consolidation and optimization, but to capitalize on these, you need a strong understanding of your supplier base and perform supplier analyses regularly

Consolidate suppliers to reduce costs

How to Consolidate Suppliers and Reduce Costs

Successful purchasing relies on effective suppliers. With ongoing evaluation of your supply base and replacing average vendors with better ones, you’ll improve the process and benefit from increased efficiencies.

Blockchain: The 2018 Disruptor of the Year

For Bitcoin, 2017 was an extraordinary year as it documented the cryptocurrency’s stratospheric rise and unprecedented entry into mainstream dialog. Regardless of which side of the bubble debate you are on, the implications that blockchain technology may have on many industries are impossible to ignore.

Honey, I Shrunk My Supplier Base! Cut Costs with Vendor Consolidation

Having to manage numerous vendors is not only time-consuming, but too many can reduce your department’s effectiveness and ability to nurture key relationships.

Honey, I Shrunk My Supplier Base - Using Vendor Consolidation to Cut Costs

Supplier bases inflate naturally over time but managing numerous vendors is time-consuming and can reduce your department’s effectiveness, so it’s important to continually assess your supply base.

Finding the Hidden Talent on Your Procurement Team

A great procurement manager should focus on identifying and capitalizing on the untapped talent on the team. By doing so, these hidden talents can catapult your team into a strategic powerhouse. Take a look at your team and see if you can identify these three types of personalities.

Supplier Diversity: What’s In It For You?

Procurement departments have thrown around the term ‘supplier diversity’ for years now. While companies contracting with the Federal government must have a supplier diversity mandate, procurement professionals outside of the government realm are coming to realize the significant benefits of supplier diversity.

Contract Renewal: Is this Price Increase Justified?

Your product or service renewal is approaching and the supplier has just notified you that your annual rate will increase. How do you determine whether or not the price bump is justified?