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Coronavirus Risk Assessments

Learn how to assess and mitigate risk across key sectors

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Government shutdown

How the Longest Shutdown in US History has Shaken Business Confidence

A shutdown lasting over a month is worrisome, according to economists. This past shutdown lasted 35 days, which is the longest in US history. How does an impasse like this affect businesses and supply chains?

ProcurementIQ Macroeconomic Update Q2 2019

ProcurementIQ Macroeconomic Update Q2 2019

Each quarter, ProcurementIQ prepares an update that identifies the most significant recent macroeconomic trends affecting procurement professionals. ProcurementIQ's updates are intended to help these professionals better understand the broader purchasing environment and make strategic buying decisions. Q2 2019 focuses on commodity prices, trade and interest rates.

Webinar: 3 Major Procurement Trends 2019

In 2018, we heard a LOT about tariffs, the blockchain, Brexit, trade wars with China, natural disasters and labor shortages. As we look ahead to 2019, there’s a good chance we’ll continue to hear about those topics. How can you be proactive and tackle these issues head-on? What will really matter to your stakeholders and your supply chain in the coming year?  

Brexit Update: Still More Questions than Answers

It’s been more than two years since British citizens stunned the world and voted to sever ties with the European Union. There is still not a clear path forward on a deal for the two sides just months before the March 29, 2019 deadline. A no-deal Brexit would open up Pandora’s Box for British and European markets.

Case Study - RFP Builder

Green Bay Area Public School District needed to centralize the RFP process. While it was critical for the stakeholders to be involved in the solicitations, our contact needed his team to be the ultimate driver. So, he signed on with ProcurementIQ to use our RFP Builder.

Suffolk University

Case Study - ProcurementIQ in an Academic Setting

Suffolk University prides itself on preparing students to thrive in the business world by providing the education and tools students need to succeed. By equipping students with ProcurementIQ’s trusted market intelligence, Suffolk is giving them access to cutting-edge information that will help them during and after their academic journey.

Webinar: Improve Your RFP Process by Avoiding These 5 Pitfalls

Let’s get back to the basics with 4 Degrees North’s Phil Bode, an expert on how to craft great RFPs. He’ll talk about 5 common pitfalls that are tripping up your process and offer simple, actionable solutions to get you back on track.

Case Study - Leading Financial Services Company

Based on ProcurementIQ’s accurate data and insight, the sourcing team made an informed buying decision that resulted in a thoughtfully executed contract that included improved SLAs and performance metrics. The multi-year contract locked in pricing, resulting in lower costs and reduced risk for the enterprise. Learn more about how they achieved this.

White Paper - Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions with Market Intelligence

If you’re like most of your procurement peers, you’re working harder than ever to align your purchasing goals with your organization’s overall strategy. You’re expected to keep costs in check and provide broad category expertise to your internal stakeholders while supporting innovation and reducing risk for your company.

Energy & Utility Consulting Services

During the three years to 2017, the price of energy and utility consulting services has risen steadily at an estimated annualized rate of 0.9%. Low price volatility is largely due to the diverse range of downstream markets, providing stable demand.

Human Resources Consulting

Increased hiring efforts as well as ongoing regulatory issues surrounding employee benefit plans and health insurance have all contributed to a rising need for HR consulting in the past three years, supporting price growth. 

IT Consulting Services

Rapid supplier entry into the market has kept the IT consulting market fragmented and competitive, which has kept recent price growth in check. Buyers have also benefited from low price volatility, which enables buyers to better budget for their expenses and effectively time their purchases.

Management Consulting Services

Very little volatility has been occurring in the price of management consulting services during the period, helping buyers accurately forecast prices and time purchases.

Procurement Consulting Services

Despite price growth, buyers have been benefiting from low price volatility during the past three years. Suppliers’ primary input cost is wages, which have remained stable as a share of revenue. As a result, there has been little risk of significant input cost fluctuations, and suppliers have been able to maintain steady price trends.

Facilities Management Services

Demand for facilities management services has been growing during the period in line with increases in the number of businesses nationwide.