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2019 Q2 Macroeconomic Update

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ProcurementIQ Macroeconomic Update Oct-Dec 2018

Each quarter, ProcurementIQ prepares an update that identifies the most significant recent macroeconomic trends affecting procurement professionals.

This quarter’s update focuses on commodity prices, trade and interest rates.

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Negotiating a Win in Difficult Markets

ProcurementIQ has analyzed a range of markets with characteristics that often work against buyers, including volatile prices, high market share concentration and changing regulations. Procurement and supply chain professionals can use the strategies and tactics provided to help increase their spend efficiency and encourage competitive RFPs with suppliers.

Procurement Transformation: 3 Technologies to Watch

ProcurementIQ highlights three disruptions that our procurement experts are watching. While these disruptive technologies have been around for some time, they are expected to continuously change the lives of procurement professionals in the coming years.

P-Cards: Managing Purchasing with Each Swipe

P-Cards allow organizations to control employees’ (i.e. cardholders) spending by establishing presets for different cardholders. Learn how P-Cards yield many perks for organizations, such as fewer invoices and faster payments.

County of Santa Clara Case Study

Case Study - ProcurementIQ in Public Procurement

Using procurement research to save time and money, the County of Santa Clara used ProcurementIQ's reports as a source of incisive intelligence to cut costs and reduce sourcing lead time.

7 Common Mistakes During the RFP Process

You can have a better chance of receiving quality RFP responses and save time by preventing these common RFP mistakes.

Digital Transformation of Procurement

What is the Digital Transformation of Procurement Really About?

In the coming years, a digital revolution is set to take place, and the procurement world can expect substantial changes as a result. During this wave of technological change, there are several concepts that procurement professionals should familiarize themselves with to ensure they remain at the forefront of procurement processes. 

The American Red Cross’s Journey to Better Practice Supply Management

The American Red Cross is on a journey to better practice Supply Management, and it is measuring its progress by comparing itself against the top 10% of all Supply Management organizations across all industries. With this in mind, Supply Management has focused its efforts on two major objectives: minimizing risk and maximizing both commercial opportunity and financial improvement.