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Personnel Relocation Services

Demand for personnel relocation generally follows overall trends in the broader economy; improvements in the economy boost business growth, encouraging businesses to expand to a greater number of locations. In turn, businesses must typically relocate some employees to facilitate this growth.

Reference & Background Checking Services

Landlords represent a large buying segment for suppliers of background checking services because they conduct checks on potential tenants. As demand for housing rentals has increased, the decline in rental vacancies has driven demand for background checking services.

Desktop Computers

Prices for computing hardware, one of the main components of desktop manufacturing, have been in a long-term state of decline as rapid technological advances have made semiconductors and electronic components cheaper from year to year.

ERP Software

New providers have been entering the market and capturing market share by offering low-priced or open source ERP software solutions, which buyers can use for free. At the same time, buyer preferences have shifted from the SaaP delivery model to SaaS deployments, which are typically less expensive. As a result of these changes, average market prices have fallen.

Internet Services

Consumers, which generate the most revenue and account for most bandwidth usage, have increasingly received less bandwidth with data caps on their internet plans. As a result, ISP costs per subscription have decreased, while prices per Mbps have increased.

IT Hosting Services

Robust demand growth has primarily been attributed to the rapid adoption of cloud computing in business operations, which has increased productivity and helped companies maintain a competitive edge.

Laptop Computers

Because most laptops are priced according to the cost-plus model, drops in hardware components and software licensing costs have led to an overall decline in laptop prices.

Digital Advertising Agency Services

Growth in internet traffic volume and total advertising expenditure have driven increases in demand. Internet traffic volume has had the biggest impact on demand and prices for this market’s services.

Integrated Advertising Services

Total advertising expenditure has risen in response to rebounding consumer spending, which has compelled companies to invest more in their marketing efforts. As companies have spent more on advertising overall, they have increasingly required integrated advertising services to manage their advertising campaigns.

Marketing Consulting Services

Successfully navigating a rapidly changing media landscape has become increasingly important for companies and, in response, marketing consulting services have become vital for many firms to gain a competitive edge. Thus, strengthening demand for this market’s services has largely driven price growth.

Media Placement & Fulfillment Services

The rate of price changes has varied among suppliers, with the advertising conglomerates at the top of the market instituting higher price increases than most other suppliers. This discrepancy reflects the growing dominance these top suppliers have over the market, which has allowed them to charge a premium for their services.

Promotional Products

As the prices of major promotional product inputs, including apparel, textiles and writing utensils, have increased, distributors have been pressured to compensate for these costs by raising the prices of the products they sell to buyers.

Electrical Contracting Services

The value of construction has displayed strong growth, bolstering demand for electrical contracting services for residential, institutional, commercial and industrial buildings. As a result, suppliers have had greater leverage to raise service prices.

Facility Maintenance & Repair Services

Demand for specialized services, including fire protection, air treatment, restroom power cleaning and clean room sterilization, has been growing as workplace safety has become a higher priority for building managers. In response, large-scale operators capable of providing such services have increased their base facility maintenance and repair service offerings.

Inventory Management Software

Private investment in computers and software has been increasing, indicating rising demand among buyers seeking to integrate software, including inventory management software, into their daily operations.