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This month, we caught up Jessica Leitgeb, Procurement Specialist - Indirect, at Solenis to find out what’s going on in her world of procurement.

ProcurementIQ: What challenge(s) do you and your company or department face right now?

Jessica Leitgeb: Solenis is owned by the private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier, & Rice, so the company’s challenges in procurement center on outdated and disjointed processes that were carried over from a larger company that we were acquired from. Any way we can streamline vendors and find cost-savings opportunities will also help our marketing and pricing strategies to gain more profitability. 

We are also a global company, so we’re constantly looking for opportunities to onboard a global supplier rather than having multiple vendors doing the same thing in different regions.

PIQ: How does/might ProcurementIQ help you overcome this challenge?

JL: ProcurementIQ not only understands our organization’s needs when identifying vendors, but their tools are so time saving in that they provide all the research and analytics for us. Instead of spending hours researching potential vendors for upcoming RFPs, a list is provided with marketplace information to us, along with their risk profiles. Then we just have to make a contact with the company and run the RFP!

PIQ: What do you foresee happening within the procurement world in the coming year?

JL: More corporate alignment. Procurement systems tend to go for the cheapest option in order to be more profitable. However, there’s a long-term risk associated with this and can devalue procurement’s relationship with other business units who do not have cost reduction as their goal. Now, there’s more of a shift in procurement by becoming more collaborative with internal stakeholders and choosing suppliers that add value to the organization. The success in procurement will lie in the ability to network and strategize together to add more value to the organization rather than simply “cut out cost.”

PIQ: Tell us something interesting about yourself (hobbies, experiences, travel, etc.)

JL: I have heterochromia – one blue eye and one green eye!


Solenis is a leading global specialty chemical supplier and one of three water treatment companies with a truly global footprint. They have 3,700 employees and 37 manufacturing facilities, which span 118 countries and five continents.

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