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Companies Offering Disinfectant Wipes

ProcurementIQ provides a list of vendors offering disinfectant wipes

Cardinal Health Inc.

OH-based Cardinal Health Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of medical and laboratory supplies that has been providing personal protective equipment (PPE) products throughout the pandemic. Due to surging demand, Cardinal Health is prioritizing government buyers and medical professionals. Cardinal manufactures their own disinfectant wipes, so they are in a stronger position than other vendors that operate solely as distributors. Many of their products are manufactured in China, however, which would make sourcing from this supplier more difficult. They are currently allocating wipes based on warehouse supply and the relevant needs of the buyer.

Henry Schein Inc.

NY-based medical supplies distributor Henry Schein Inc. offers a variety of PPE, such as disinfectant wipes, face masks, gloves and gowns. The company has maintained a sizable inventory of disinfectant wipes and other sanitizing products. However, the increase in demand has been so sharp that they have begun to ration their supply and allocate shipments to government buyers and healthcare providers. As the company is a founding member of the Pandemic Supply Chain Network, they are better positioned than most to properly respond to the shifting market demand caused by the coronavirus.

McKesson Corporation

TX-based McKesson Corporation is one of the nation’s leading distributors of medical supplies in the US, offering PPE such as disinfectant wipes, surgical masks and nitrile gloves. They operate as a distributor of Lysol disinfectant wipes, which is on the EPA approved list of products that effectively combat COVID-19. However, their upstream suppliers are facing material shortages due to a lack of isopropyl alcohol, which is also in high demand. Many of their disinfectant wipe offerings are produced in the US.

Medline Industries Inc.

IL-based company Medline Industries Inc. is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medicals supplies in the US. Medline offers facemasks, isolation gowns and coveralls, surgical drapes and gowns, hand sanitizer, exam gloves and nasopharyngeal swabs for the coronavirus relief effort. The company operates as a large-scale distributor of disinfectant wipes from all major manufacturers. They offer a variety of different products that can be used to disinfect surfaces. Unfortunately, they are not immune to the supply constraints that are heavily impacting the market as many of this market’s input materials are sourced from China. The company is prioritizing orders made by high-need buyers, such as healthcare sector buyers.

Medsav Solutions

MA-based Medsav Solutions is a leader in healthcare distribution services in the US and is a provider of medical supplies used in the COVID-19 relief effort such as surgical masks and gowns. The company operates as a distributor for some of the largest disinfectant wipe manufacturers, including Clorox, Purell, PDI, Lysol and Certol. They operate nationally and can leverage their supply network to meet the needs of large buyers throughout the country. Despite shortages and backlogs for some products due to sharp growth in demand, some disinfectant wipe products are in stock or available on request online as of mid-June.

Owens & Minor Inc.

VA-based Owens & Minor Inc. operates as both a manufacturer and distributor of healthcare supplies. Owens & Minor distributes PPE such as exam gloves, face masks and isolation gowns. Additionally, the company provides disinfectant wipes through their MediChoice brand. However, they are currently suspending orders for non-priority customers in an effort to maintain inventory levels for buyers with the highest level of need. Fortunately for buyers, the company has been highly resistant to raising prices on any of their medical products, including sanitizing wipes. According to the company, most of their PPE manufacturing is primarily located in the US and Americas.

Parker Laboratories Inc.

NJ-based Parker Laboratories Inc. is primarily known as a global leader in medical ultrasound and electromedical products. However, the company also manufactures other healthcare products, such as disinfectant wipes. Parker Laboratories announced in January that their brand of disinfectant wipes, Protex, has been shown to have effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID-19. However, they are a smaller manufacturer in the market and mostly sell products through distributors that are not widely used by consumers. The lack of consumer focus may benefit commercial buyers because they are less likely to be impacted by soaring consumer demand.

PDI Inc.

NJ-based PDI Inc. is an infection prevention company offering disinfectant wipes and sprays. While concrete data on their production capacity is unavailable, PDI is significantly increasing their production output of disinfectant wipes in order to meet market demand. Furthermore, their supply chain is fully domestic, so they are less likely to be impacted by material shortages from abroad. Still, the sharp increase in demand is likely to contribute to longer lead times.

Market News

Rockline Industries, one of the biggest makers of private-label pushed the EPA to approve the packaging of disinfectant wipes in soft-packs instead of cannisters, accelerating the delivery of market products in stores.

  • According to Rockline, 90.0% of disinfectant wipes are sold in cannisters. However, as the company’s cannister production has maxed out due to the surging demand for market products, the company began putting their disinfect wipes in soft-packs, straying away from the industry standard. The EPA approved this packaging method, and Clorox and Lysol have since started selling some wipes in soft packs as well.

Lysol, Clorox shortages may last until July, August

  • According to Patrick Penfield, a supply-chain management professor at Syracuse University, Clorox supplies may not return to their normal inventory levels in the US until July or August. The professor cites that because the chemicals used to manufacture these wipes are sourced from China as opposed to domestically, the shipment of these materials, which usually take up to four weeks, may be increased as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. Thus, buyers can expect to face similar delivery delays and increases in their buying lead times.


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