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Companies Offering Disposable Gowns

ProcurementIQ provides a list of vendors offering disposable gowns

Cardinal Health Inc.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, Cardinal Health Inc. (Cardinal) is a healthcare services and products company. The Company operates through two segments: Pharmaceutical and Medical. Through its medical segment, Cardinal offers two gown options with barrier protection: AAMI Level 3 Surgical Gown and AAMI Level 4 Surgical Gown. Because inputs for these products are sourced from China, Cardinal has been experiencing significant supply chain disruption. As a result, the company currently estimate a delay on orders until July 2020. In response to this trend, Cardinal has enacted a “fair share allocation” policy, which allows buyer to procure a small amount of medical supplies during the peak demand period. The company currently prioritizes government buyers and medical professionals.

Dyad Medical Sourcing, LLC

Bannockburn, Illinois-based Dyad Medical Sourcing LLC is a privately held medical supply sourcing company which partners with key medical supply distributors to sell its HCS branded medical products. The company primarily distributes its medical gowns through Concordance Healthcare Solutions, who prioritizes existing account members. Unfortunately, Concordance Healthcare Solutions has experienced some delays in distribution as COVID-19 has negatively impacted its production operation. To this end, downstream suppliers are not accepting new orders and are delaying shipments of HCS branded disposable gowns.

Henry Schein Inc.

Located in Melville, NY, Henry Schein Inc. is a provider of healthcare products and services primarily to office-based dental and medical practitioners. The Company operates through two segments: healthcare distribution, and technology and value-added services. The company sells various disposable gowns brands through its healthcare distribution segment. While the company has disposable gown stock on hand, the item has limited stock and is subject to quantity restrictions due to the impact of COVID-19 on their supply chain. It is important to note that in some cases, backorders will not be accepted as they are currently prioritizing purchases from healthcare professionals and government agencies.

Key Surgical LLC

Based in Eden Prairie, MN, Key Surgical LLC is a leading global supplier of medical instruments. However, the company offers sterile processing, personal protective equipment, operating room, instrument care supplies, identification tape, and surgical instruments. Under its personal protective equipment segment, Key Surgical offers a number of barrier gowns of varying sizes. Amid supply shortages and supply chain disruptions, the company is currently seeking ways to mitigate the impact on its inventory. To this point, the company is working to inform buyers of backorder and allocation situations. Regarding distribution, the company sell gowns directly to account members and small volume buyers via Amazon online.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Located in Chester, PA, Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Kimberly-Clark) is a leading manufacturing of a range of products made from natural or synthetic fibers. The company's operating segments include Personal Care, Consumer Tissue, K-C Professional and Corporate & Other. The company offers Fastenal-branded disposable gowns through its K-C professional segment, buyers can procure these items directly from the manufacture or via wholesaler. With regard to supply, Kimberly-Clark have modified their manufacturing processes to boost output during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medline Industries Inc.

Medline Industries Inc. (Medline) manufactures and distributes health care supplies. Located in Danbury, CT, the company operates 50 distribution centers across the United States. The company produces wound and skin care products, gloves, face masks, isolation gowns, monitors, reusable textiles, durable medical equipment, incontinence products, sterile products, electrosurgical products and housekeeping supplies. However, Medline has been experiencing supply constraints during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has shrunk their inventory. To combat this trend, Medline is diversifying their sourcing strategies in order to be better positioned to meet heightened demand for personal protective equipment.

McKesson Corporation

Irving, TX-based McKesson Corporation (McKesson) is a healthcare supply chain management solution, retail pharmacy, community oncology and specialty care and healthcare information technology company. The company operates through three segments: United States Pharmaceutical and Specialty Solutions, European Pharmaceutical Solutions and Medical-Surgical Solutions. Through its Medical-Surgical Solutions segment, McKesson distributes medical-surgical supplies and provides logistics and other services to healthcare providers, including disposable gowns. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, McKesson has faced supply chain disruptions as most of their manufacturing operations for personal protective equipment are located in China, which has halted production for a period. Consequently, the company has issued a warning to customers that they are unlikely to have the capacity to fill all orders for disposable isolation gowns in the near future.

Owens & Minor Inc.

Located in Richmond, VA, Owens & Minor Inc. is a healthcare services company that provides a plethora of medical products to the point of care. The company also provides supply chain assistance to the providers of healthcare services and the manufacturers of healthcare products, supplies and devices. Owens & Minor provides disposable gowns through its MediChoice brand and through its subsidiary Halyard Health. However, the company has recently suspended orders for non-priority customers in an effort to maintain inventory levels for buyers with the frontline health care providers. Fortunately for buyers, the company has been highly resistant to raising prices on any of their medical equipment in order to capitalize on the current level of demand.

PolyConversions Inc.

PolyConversions Inc. (PolyCo) is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of durable protective barrier products designed for healthcare, food processing and sterile. Under its VR Protective Wear segment, the company produces and distributed disposable gowns to the health care sector. However, while these products are manufactured in Champaign, IL, many of PolyCo’s manufacturing inputs come from China, which has led to significant output delays and inventory disruptions.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Located in Waltham, MA, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. develops, manufactures and sells a range of products. The Company operates through four segments: Life Sciences Solutions, Analytical Instruments, Specialty Diagnostics, and Laboratory Products and Services. Through its Fisher Scientific segment, the company sells various brands of disposable gowns, including its own Fisher brand disposable gowns. To maintain inventories through the COVID-19 pandemic period, the company is prioritizing frontline health care professionals. That said, because they frequently source products from overseas, they are having increased difficulty in procuring safety products.


Market News

Amid Surging Demand, the FDA Recommends Using Inventory Control Strategies:

  • As disposable gowns become increasingly hard to obtain, the FDA suggest a range of inventory control strategies. Recommendations include limiting the use of gowns for all patient care activity. In addition, health care providers can extend the use of single use gowns by not changing the gown between patients.

Despite a deceleration in new cases, gowns remain in short supply:

  • The most widely sought-after PPE type has been the N95 mask. Because N95 masks and isolation and sterilized surgical gowns compete for the same input materials, gowns largely remain in short supply.


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