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Companies Offering Face Shields

ProcurementIQ provides a list of vendors offering face shields

Alpha Pro Tech

Canada-based personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturer Alpha Pro Tech sells protective apparel, building products and infection control products, including face masks and four different models of face shield under its Critical Cover brand. The company is currently processing $13.3 million worth of pending face shield orders to be distributed across Canada and the United States. Alpha Pro Tech anticipates fulfillment of all current orders by July 2020. The company is adding a second shift at its Nogalez, AZ facility to raise its face shield production capacity from 5,000 cases of face shields per month to 12,000 cases per month. The company anticipates the addition of a third shift at this facility to keep pace with market demand, provided it maintains enough inventory to satisfy the increased production runs.

Cardinal Health Inc.

OH-based healthcare services company Cardinal Health Inc. is the fourteenth-highest revenue generating firm in the United States. The company sells a wide variety of medical and pharmaceutical products across the healthcare continuum. Face shields fall under the company’s broad line of infection control products. Cardinal’s face shields are manufactured at its plant in Waukegan, IL. The company is working through a severe backlog of orders due to supply chain disruptions. Cardinal health is currently prioritizing its face shields for healthcare providers and is it working with the federal government to get its products into identified “hot zones”. Buyers should note that this vendor currently requires orders for face shields and other PPE equipment to be made directly by hospital purchasing departments.

Henry Schein Inc.

NY-based dental supplies distributor Henry Schein Inc. specializes in dental equipment and technology. However, the company is experiencing higher-than-usual demand for face shields and other PPE. Henry Schein Inc. maintains an inventory of face shields (the quantity of which has not been disclosed) but is enforcing order quantity restrictions and barring returns and refunds for market products. The company is asking customers to contact local representatives about availability as their inventory currently varies region to region.

Honeywell International Inc.

NC-based industrial manufacturing conglomerate Honeywell International Inc. (Honeywell) designs and manufactures in dozens of industries, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals. The company is more than doubling its production of face shields at its Smithfield, RI facility. The company is currently seeking a $5.0 billion loan to strengthen its financial position. Honeywell is primarily focused on supplying market products to build out the National Strategic Stockpile but is capable of processing large bulk orders for other clients. The company’s Bionic Shield product is currently out of stock without an estimated refill date.

Paulson Manufacturing

CA-based PPE manufacturer Paulson Manufacturing is known for face and eye protection for industrial workers and first responders. The company is ramping up its face shield production capacity to manufacture 5,000 face shields per day, up from 500 shields per day, with a monthly capacity of one million units. The company initially established distribution channels to Chinese hospitals and healthcare facilities but has since expanded its distribution to the United States and 69 other countries.

Market News

Could face shields replace masks in preventing COVID-19?

  • Some studies have shown that face shields may be more effective at blocking coronavirus transmission than face masks. Simulations in one study showed an estimated 96% reduction in viral exposure when simulated healthcare workers were coughed on from 18 inches away.

UW’s 3D printed COVID-19 face shields: From innovation to delivery

  • In a collaboration with healthcare professionals and nonprofit 3D printing firm Design That Matters, University of Washington’s School of Medicine has developed plans for a 3D-printed “cradle” portion of face shields, which rests on the wearer’s forehead and holds the mask in place. The design allows healthcare facilities to cost-effectively 3D-print their own face shields on demand.

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