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Companies Offering Face Shields

ProcurementIQ provides a list of vendors offering face shields

Traditional Vendors

Alpha Pro Tech

Canada-based personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturer Alpha Pro Tech is currently processing $1.6 million worth of pending face shield orders to be distributed across Canada and the United States. The company anticipates fulfillment of all current orders by July 2020. The company is adding a second shift at its Tempe, AZ facility to raise its face shield production capacity from 5,000 cases of face shields per month to 12,000 cases per month. The company anticipates the addition of a third shift at this facility to keep pace with market demand, provided it maintains enough inventory to satisfy the increased production runs. 

Cardinal Health Inc.

OH-based healthcare services company Cardinal Health Inc., the fourteenth-highest revenue generating firm in the United States, is not currently accepting new orders for face shields and other PPE equipment. The company is working through a severe backlog of orders due to supply chain disruptions but anticipates inventory to be restocked by May 1, 2020. Buyers should note that this vendor currently requires orders for face shields and other PPE equipment to be made directly by hospital purchasing departments.

Henry Schein Inc.

NY-based dental supplies distributor Henry Schein Inc. is experiencing higher-than-usual demand for face shields and other PPE. The company maintains an inventory of face shields (the quantity of which has not been disclosed) but is enforcing order quantity restrictions and barring returns and refunds for market products.

Honeywell International Inc.

NC-based industrial manufacturer Honeywell International Inc. (Honeywell) is more than doubling its production of face shields at its Smithfield, RI facility. The company is currently seeking a $5.0 billion loan to strengthen its financial position while doing so. Honeywell is primarily focused on supplying market products to build out the National Strategic Stockpile but is capable of processing large bulk orders for other clients.

Paulson Manufacturing 

CA-based PPE manufacturer Paulson Manufacturing is ramping up its face shield production capacity to manufacture 5,000 face shields per day, up from 500 shields per day, with a monthly capacity of one million units. The company initially established distribution channels to Chinese hospitals and healthcare facilities but has since expanded its distribution to the United States and 69 other countries.

Nontraditional Vendors

Adafruit Industries

NY-based electronics hardware company Adafruit Industries is currently running three production shifts per day to manufacture and distribute 2,000 face shields per month.

Bauer Hockey

NH-based ice hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer was authorized to manufacture and distribute face shields beginning March 26, 2020. The company is currently sitting on 100,000 units to be distributed across Canada and the United States. Bauer has stated that the initial shipments will be distributed solely among healthcare workers in Canada, with healthcare workers in the United States to follow. Small-batch distribution throughout Canada has already begun. The company is ramping up its face shield production to reach 10,000 units per week beginning March 30, 2020. 

Bedford Industries

MN-based fabrication company Bedford Industries plans to achieve a production capacity of 100,000 face shields per day in the coming weeks. Based on existing inventory, the company’s maximum production capacity lies around ten million face shields. 

Bednark Studio

NY-based fabrication company Bednark Studio anticipates having produced 250,000 face shields by April 3, 2020 to be distributed in the City of New York. 

Budmen Industries

PA-based 3D-printing company has begun leveraging its 3D-printer network to produce around 1,500 face shields per week. The company is distributing market products to healthcare workers in the Northeast region. Additionally, other companies willing to 3D-print and distribute face shields can download Budmen Industries’ prototype files and assembly instructions directly from their website.


MI-based automobile manufacturer Ford is partnering with the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW Madison) to aid in the fight against coronavirus, using the university’s open-source face shield prototypes to 3D-print and distribute 100,000 units per week. Ford’s vehicle production is currently on hiatus to prioritize the manufacture of COVID-19 supplies. The company’s initial production run, completed March 24, 2020, was distributed amongst Detroit-area hospitals; the second production run, completed March 26, 2020, in addition to all following runs, is being distributed to hospitals across the United States.

Kaas Tailored

WA-based furniture and upholstery manufacturer Kaas Tailored has halted all normal production to instead churn out 1,000 face shields per day. The company expects to double or triple its output of face shields in the coming weeks as it continues adjusting to the new production requirements.


NC-based cycling apparel company Kitsbow transformed its production lines to begin producing face shields on March 19, 2020. The company is currently producing 100,000 units per week, to be distributed to hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the state of North Carolina.

MO-based digital design company is running a second production shift to manufacture 800 to 1,000 face shields per day. The company offers bundling discounts and is currently able to process orders within one business day.

MakerSpace NYC

NY-based industrial and manufacturing tool company MakerSpace has shuttered its facilities to normal business, instead shifting to produce face shields and other PPE equipment. Though supplies are limited, the company anticipates producing 5,000 units per month to be distributed within the City of New York.


OR-based athletic apparel retailer Nike is currently working with the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) to develop prototypes for face shields and other PPE to be manufactured and distributed by Nike.


WI-based plastic product designer and manufacturer Placon is dedicating all of its production lines to face shields and other PPE. The company produces face shields at a rate of 5,000 units per hour, which can each be assembled in under 30 seconds. Placon’s CEO has stated that the company can “…certainly ship millions of face shields over time…” provided it is able to secure a steady stream of input supplies and adequately gauge market demand.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Medical Center

The UIC Engineering Makerspace is currently manufacturing face masks at a rate of 20 seconds per mask, with a production capacity of 800 masks per day. However, the center’s input supplies are limited. Similar to other manufacturers, the company has published its prototype designs on its website to aid other companies in doing their part to combat the spread of the coronavirus.


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