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Companies Offering Hand Held Thermometers

ProcurementIQ provides a list of vendors offering hand held thermometers

180 Innovations LLC

CO-based 180 Innovations is one of the largest private-label medical supplies providers in the United States. The company imports thermometers and other medical supplies from overseas suppliers before distributing them to American companies for resale. 180 Innovations normally imports about 250,000 thermometers per month from China, with the lead time estimated at three months. In March, the company stated that it faced a constraint on upstream supplies and surging demand for market products. Moreover, it expected additional upstream supplies of oral and multipurpose thermometers to become available in May 2020, whereas non-contact thermometers are not anticipated to be back in stock until June 2020. However, the company was unwilling to confirm whether this happened.

Alicn Medical (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

Alicn Medical is a manufacturer of handheld thermometers and blood pressure monitors; the company is based in China. Alicn Medical produces around 2.5 million infrared thermometer guns per year and distributes them globally. However, upstream supply shortages have caused the company’s material costs to rise. Furthermore, many manufacturing facility workers are still under mandated quarantines, meaning the company is not currently producing at full capacity and inventories are limited. In March, Alicn Medical said that it anticipated reaching full capacity production levels in June 2020, but was unwilling to confirm whether this actually happened.

Braun Healthcare

Braun Healthcare manufactures nasal aspirators and thermometers, including ear and forehead thermometers. In January 2020, Braun Healthcare increased its production of coronavirus-related medical supplies in anticipation of the escalation of the outbreak. Braun is owned by Procter & Gamble and licensed to Helen of Troy Limited, which is based in El Paso, Texas. Braun’s forehead and ear thermometers are currently out of stock on their website. Additionally, a representative for Helen of Troy Limited said they are not able to full any requests at this time and are unable to accept requests from new accounts.

Cardinal Health Inc.

Cardinal Health is one of the three largest distributors of medical supplies in the United States (along with McKesson and AmeriSource Bergen). Cardinal Health offers oral, rectal and ear thermometers. The company is based in Dublin, Ohio and has a worldwide manufacturing network. Cardinal Health is currently prioritizing buyers from the healthcare sector.

DeltaTrak Inc.

DeltaTrak is a manufacturer based in Pleasanton, California. The company provides cold chain management and temperature monitoring tools to ensure that products have been kept cold; these include thermal labels, refrigerator monitors, recorders and thermometers. DeltaTrak offers infrared non-contact thermometers. DeltaTrak has responded to the pandemic by boosting its inventory levels and maximizing its manufacturing capacity.

Exergen Corporation

MA-based Exergen Corporation specializes in thermometers. The company offers a variety of thermometers, including non-contact thermometers. Exergen has slowed production of industrial thermometers and is focusing on thermometers for healthcare; however, the company stated that the pandemic has complicated delivery and lengthened lead times.

Flir Systems Inc

OR-based sensor technology company Flir is facing skyrocketing demand for its hand held, fixed, mounted and non-contact thermometers. In March, the company stated it was working with strained upstream suppliers in Malaysia to ensure its supply chain keeps pace with demand. However, most thermometer models were still available in March and the company did not anticipate long-term supply chain issues due to the outbreak. However, the company could not confirm current product availability.

Fluke Corporation

Fluke Corporation is a subsidiary of Fortive Corporation, a conglomerate which offers products such as fuel dispensers, sterilization equipment, automotive repair tools and other products through its various subsidiaries. Fluke Corporation manufactures measurement equipment such as laser levels, calibration instruments, biomedical test equipment, dosimeters and thermometers. The company, which is based in Everett, Washington, offers non-contact infrared thermometers and face shields. Fluke is offering free face shield designs online so that people can produce face shields in response to the pandemic.

Infrared Cameras Inc

TX-based Infrared Cameras is a manufacturer of infrared thermometers, thermal cameras and other technologies. Infrared Cameras normally produces about 100 infrared thermometer guns per month. Since January 2020, however, the company has more than tripled its production capacity to about 350 units per month. Due to the company’s reputation for thermometers with one of the slimmest margins of error (0.1-0.2 degrees Celsius), demand for the products is steadily rising. Buyers should note that Infrared Cameras is currently prioritizing orders for medical cameras and bulk orders requests for upwards of 1,000 units. For HotSpot thermometers, Infrared Cameras requires a minimum order of 30 thermometers.

Kerma Medical Products

VA-based Kerma is a medical equipment manufacturer of products such as diagnostic equipment, rehabilitation equipment, chairs, stretchers and other products. Kerma offers non-contact and oral and rectal thermometers. The company is facing shortages of the upstream supplies required to manufacture its thermometers; the company’s inventory of thermometers is steadily dropping, while buying lead times are extended. As a result, the company has decided to prioritize support services and order fulfillment for clients with the highest average sales histories, making it more difficult for new buyers to work with the company. Kerma Medical Products is a veteran and minority-owned business.

Kinsa Health Co

Kinsa Health, based in California, offers oral, rectal, axillary and ear thermometers. The company specializes in “smart” thermometers that sync the user’s health data to a centralized database for analysis and user-specific recommendations. The company sells products online and in retail locations such as CVS and Target. In March, the company stated it was scaling up production to 10,000 units per day to meet growing demand. However, the company could not confirm whether this had taken place.

McKesson Corporation

Based in Irving, TX, McKesson is a major distributor of medical supplies, including gloves, pharmaceuticals, flu vaccines, bandages and diapers; the company offers non-contact, oral, rectal and ear thermometers. McKesson has said it is facing shortages for some personal protective equipment and related goods as a result of the pandemic, and is therefore limiting the number of products that a single buyer can purchase.

Testo SE & Co. KGaA

Testo is a German manufacturer of measurement equipment for use in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food safety and heating/cooling. The company builds voltage testers, thermohygrometers, data loggers, vacuum gauges and digital barometers. The company also offers infrared thermometers and thermal cameras. Testo has its North American headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The company sells its products through distributors such as Grainger and Instrumart.

Welch Allyn, Inc.

Welch Allyn is owned by Hill-Rom Holdings, an Indiana-based manufacturer of medical technology such as hospital beds, stretchers and therapeutic products. Welch Allyn is a manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment based in New York. The company offers infrared non-contact and ear thermometers. Hill-Rom announced in March that it intends to double its production of medical devices such as thermometers. However, the company did not confirm its current production.


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Wearable thermometer fights Covid-19

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