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Companies Offering Hand Sanitizer

ProcurementIQ provides a list of vendors offering hand sanitizer

EO Products

CA-based EO Products is a certified organic manufacturer and operates a zero-waste factory. The company provides a range of natural cleaning solutions, including hand sanitizer, body wash and hair products, through its EO and Everyone brands. Due to unprecedented demand for products, particularly hand sanitizer, the company has quadrupled production capacity almost every month since late January 2020. Moreover, EO Products has shifted production lines exclusively to sanitizers and soaps. To cope with processing order delays, the company has also increased staff in fulfillment operations. Currently, all hand sanitizer products are sold out on the company’s website. Buyers can sign up to receive a notification for when the product is available for preorder. After preordering, the lead time is estimated at less than one month. Buyers requiring a large volume of product should be aware that the company is limiting quantities to one SKU per transaction.

GOJO Industries, Inc.

OH-based GOJO Industries, Inc. (GOJO) manufactures hand sanitizer, cleaning products and general skincare products through its three brands - Gojo, Provon and Purell. Through its Purell brand, GOJO captures over half of the domestic market for hand sanitizer. In January 2020, the company activated its “demand surge preparedness team” in anticipation of the sharp uptick in demand due to the public health emergency. Following the President’s invocation of the Defense Production Act in March, GOJO shipped products intended only for critical, prioritized end-users, as determined by the federal government. GOJO has increased production capacity at its factories in Ohio and France, which have been operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. GOJO is also in the process of leasing a warehouse in Stark County, OH to function as an additional storage and shipping facility. As businesses nationwide begin to reopen, GOJO has noted a renewed demand for hand sanitizer. Although the company is working to make products available for all buyers, GOJO is first ensuring hand sanitizer remains available to workers on the frontlines.

Henry Schein Inc.

NY-based company Henry Schein provides a range of healthcare products, including hand sanitizer, primarily to dental and medical practitioners. Henry Schein is a participant in the White House’s COVID-19 (coronavirus) Supply Chain Task Force and also co-founder of the Pandemic Supply Chain Network. The company states that although supply chain conditions remain challenging, shipments from manufacturers have increased in late May and products should be more readily available. Henry Schein has hand sanitizer in stock on their website, although quantities are limited and most products can only be shipped by ground transportation, not air.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

TX-based manufacturer Kimberly-Clark is a personal care company that primarily offers paper-based care products, including facial and bathroom tissue, toilet paper and paper towels. For the workplace, Kimberly-Clark provides care products, such as hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment, through its K-C Professional brand, as well as Kleenex brand. The company announced it has adjusted and accelerated its manufacturing processes to boost production in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, their exact inventory and backlog are unknown.


OH-based Kutol is a leading vendor in the soap and hand sanitizer markets. Kutol offers foam and gel hand sanitizers in alcohol and alcohol-free formulas. Kutol sells their products through distribution partners, not directly to the general public. Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the resulting high level of demand, the company is not accepting new distribution partners. Currently, the lead time for sanitizers is about six to eight weeks. The company is limiting quantities to 150.0% of the distribution partner’s previous year quantities per SKU and is limiting purchases to a two-month supply. Until further notice, the company is not accepting orders for alcohol gel or foam sanitizer drums, totes or five-gallon pail orders. In an effort to expedite orders and eliminate back orders, the company requests that buyers purchasing soap and hand sanitizer products split the items between two separate purchase orders.

Medline Industries Inc.

IL-based Medline Industries Inc. (Medline) is a major manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipment, wound care products, and respiratory and infection products, including hand sanitizer. Medline manufacturers its own hand sanitizer and also distributes branded products such as Germ-X, Kleenex and Purell. Medline has reconfigured its manufacturing operations in Hartland, WI by modifying production equipment and ventilation systems to produce hand sanitizer. The company started producing hand sanitizer at the end of March and has since doubled its initial projections of 150,000 per week. The first shipment of hand sanitizer was donated to healthcare workers across the country in mid-April. The company has also ramped up gel-based hand sanitizer production at its plant in Meriden, CT. The plant typically produces 200,000 packets per month and has increased production to 4 million packets in April and May.

S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

WI-based manufacturer S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. (SC Johnson) produces an extensive range of household cleaning supplies and chemicals, including hand sanitizer. SC Johnson has recently converted a manufacturing line in Waxdale, WI normally used for new product development into a hand sanitizer production line. The company partnered with Dow Chemical to supply sanitizer for the initial 25,000 eight-ounce bottles. Following, SC Johnson has been sourcing local raw materials to develop hand sanitizer. The company is currently producing up to 75,000 bottles of hand sanitizer per month, which are being donated to healthcare works, first responders and the company’s production employees.

Soaptronic LLC

CA-based manufacturer Soaptronic (dba Germstar) specializes in sanitation products, including hand sanitizer, touchless sanitizer stations and sanitation wipes. Hand sanitizer is sold as two-ounce spray bottles in packs of 25, or 16-ounce bottles in packs of three or 12. However, the company is currently sold out of hand sanitizer on their website. A waitlist will open at the end of June for certain products, and orders placed at that time will be shipped in mid- to late July.

Touchland LLC

Spain-based Touchland specializes in producing hand sanitizer. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the company has ramped up production to three shifts a day at manufacturing facilities in Mexico. Touchland announced that it sold 250,000 products between February 20 and March 5, 2020 compared to 16,500 products in the same period the previous year. Furthermore, three times as many products were sold in February 2020 compared to January 2020. Products are currently only available for pre-order on their website and the lead time is an estimated three weeks.

W.W. Grainger Inc.

IL-based W.W. Grainger is an industrial supplies and equipment provider. The company is currently not accepting online orders for pandemic-related products, including certain personal protective equipment and sanitation products. As products become available from upstream manufacturers, W.W. Grainger is coordinating with the government to ensure hospitals and emergency responders are the prioritized recipients. Afterward, orders are arranged based on inventory management commitments, contract obligations and order timing.


Market News

Q&A for Consumers: Hand Sanitizers and COVID-19

  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published a list of frequently asked questions regarding hand sanitizer and the coronavirus. Detailed answers follow each question and include links to additional resources.

FDA Updates Policies to Increase Supply of Ethanol Available for Use in Hand Sanitizers

  • In March 2020, the FDA first announced that it will not take action against companies that begin manufacturing hand sanitizer to cope with the drastic surge in demand. On June 1, the FDA updated its temporary production policies to allow fuel- or technical-grade ethanol that contains certain impurities, up to specified limits, to help ensure an adequate supply of ethanol for use in hand sanitizer. The temporary production policies are scheduled to remain in effect for the duration of the public health emergency.


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