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Companies Offering Hand Sanitizing Stations

ProcurementIQ provides a list of vendors offering hand sanitizing stations

Gojo Industries

Most commonly known for their Purell product line, Gojo provides a range of hand sanitizers and dispensing solutions under various brands, including Purell, Gojo, Provon and Micrell. Gojo provides both wall mounted and floor stand sanitizer dispensers that utilize either manual and automated dispensing methods. The company sells their products through distributors and not directly. Availability through distributors varies, but many popular retailers are sold out of popular dispensing units made by Gojo. Gojo has stated their dedication to helping provide sanitizing solutions where they are most needed, such as grocery stores and hospitals, so the company is prioritizing these types of buyers. Consequently, this is resulting in delays for buyers outside of these priority markets. As a result, they have been increasing production capacity, but availability of their products online and at retail locations may be limited.


Kutol is a leading vendor in the soap and hand sanitizer dispenser market. Sanitizer dispenser solutions focus on wall mounted dispensers in both manual and automatic types. In addition to traditional volume dispensers, Kutol offers large volume dispensers that can fit an 8L bag of sanitizer. Kutol distributes their products through distribution partners and does not sell directly to the general public. While Kutol has not stated what their current inventory and production capacity is, they have stated that due to COVID-19 and the resulting high level of demand, they are not currently accepting new distribution partners. 


Tork is a brand of Essity Hygiene and Health that provides personal hygiene and bathroom products, including wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers. Tork offers a variety of styles and both automatic and manual dispensing capabilities. Tork sells their products through distributors. At the moment, Tork nor Essity has stated their current capacity and any availability constraints as a result of high demand. Currently, many of their leading dispensers are in stock available for purchase through many major retailers, indicating that Tork is able to provide an adequate supply at the moment. 


Kimberly-Clark is a personal care company that primarily sells paper-based care products, such as toilet paper, tissues and paper towels. However, Kimberly-Clark Professional (KCProfessional) is a division of their company that focuses on care products for workplaces, such as sanitation stations, which include wall mounted sanitizer dispensers. Their products include electronic and manual dispensing units under their Scott brand. KCProfessional has stated that as a result of COVID-19, demand has exceeded their supply of products and product shipments have been experiencing delays. The company has stated that they are dedicated to providing their sanitation products where needed and they have accelerated production to help meet demand. Their exact inventory and backlog is unknown.  


Simplehuman provides personal care products to consumers and businesses for use at the home or workplace. Simplehuman offers sanitizing stations in the form of tabletop sanitizer pumps. All of their sanitizer pumps are automatic, offering both battery powered and rechargeable pumps. Simplehuman sells their products directly and through distributors. The company has not provided information on the exact inventory of their products, but has stated that they are receiving very high demand for sensor pumps at the moment and have been limiting consumer sales to three per order. They have also noted that shipping times may be prolonged due to high demand. The company has also been donating their sensor pumps to various organizations across the country to help combat the spread of COVID-19, limiting inventory available for purchase.


Rubbermaid is a major vendor of manufacturer of household items. Rubbermaid provides products to commercial markets through their Rubbermaid Commercial product line. Included in this line is hand sanitizing stations. They offer both wall mounted and floor stand style hand sanitizer dispensers in both automatic and manual operation models. The company sells their own sanitizer refills as well. While Rubbermaid has not revealed the level of inventory that they have on hand or are able to meet, they have made a statement regarding COVID-19 stating that they have been trying to meet a surge in demand for cleaning and sanitation related products, but are still experiencing issues with on-time-delivery.
Deb Group Deb Group is a subsidiary of SC Johnson’s professional product line. Deb offers hand sanitizing stations under the product line named Deb Stoko. Products include manual and automatic wall mounted dispensers, with customization as an option. While neither SC Johnson or Deb has made any statements regarding their current inventory and any production capacity constraints, they have been focusing on providing assistance to frontline workers by shipping large quantities of disinfectants and related products to police, fire and medical personnel. As such, the divergence of products to these workers has likely placed some pressure on their inventory levels and, like other companies, is expected to cause shipment delays. 

Market News

New Bern, North Carolina install sanitation stations around town

The town of New Bern, North Carolina has been working to install hand sanitizing stations throughout the town on the streets to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. 

San Francisco provides solutions to maintaining proper sanitation in public

San Francisco has added hand washing stations throughout the city on the streets, which include soap, water and hand sanitizer dispensers to encourage proper hygiene


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