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Companies Offering N95 Masks

ProcurementIQ provides a list of vendors offering N95 masks

Traditional Vendors

3M Corporation 

MN-based company 3M Corporation (3M) is the largest manufacturer of N95 masks, also known as N95 respirators, by volume. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, 3M has doubled its N95 mask production; it is now producing 100 million masks per month globally, with US production at 35 million masks per month. 3M intends to invest in new equipment to further ramp up production to two billion masks per year globally within one year. However, 3M is unable to disclose current inventory levels or restock timelines. 

Alpha Pro Tech

Canada-based company Alpha Pro Tech only sells their products through distributors, which include Fisher Scientific, Medline and Grainger. Their next shipments are expected to be available by the end of August or beginning of September. Specific inventory information is not available at this time.

Cardinal Health Inc. 

OH-based healthcare services company Cardinal Health Inc. (Cardinal) is utilizing “fair share allocation” to its current clients, which means it is allocating its current supply across its customers based on their historic share of demand. However, clients will not necessarily receive the same quantities they have received in the past, given the ongoing supply shortage. Cardinal Health cannot fulfill any new orders at this time due to a two-month backlog. It is expecting new stock as early as March 24, 2020 and as late as May 1, 2020 and will only be accepting orders from hospitals.

Honeywell International Inc.

NC-based industrial manufacturer Honeywell International Inc. (Honeywell) is currently ramping up N95 mask production by hiring upwards of 500 more workers for its Rhode Island facility. Honeywell is currently making “millions” of N95 masks and has indicated it has inventory, although it has declined to provide exact inventory information. Vice President Mike Pence recently said that Honeywell will soon be boosting N95 mask production by 120 million masks per year.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

TX-based manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Kimberly-Clark) is a large supplier of N95 masks. However, no inventory information is available as it is only providing inventory information to distributors at this time.

Louis M. Gerson Company Inc.

Due to the high volume of phone inquiries it is receiving, MA-based manufacturer Louis M. Gerson Company Inc. (Gerson) is not accepting phone calls at this time. Any inquiries must be conducted through their email at


Canada-based manufacturer Medicom is currently raising output in its factories in France and Augusta, Georgia in order to help keep up with surging demand. Its French factory typically manufactures 175 million masks per year but has so far received orders for 500 million. Medicom is unable to provide inventory information because their stock is constantly changing and much of their inventory is already allocated to current clients.

Moldex-Metric Inc.

CA-based manufacturer Moldex-Metric Inc. (Moldex) can typically produce eight million N95 masks per month, although it mainly manufactures N95 masks for industrial use. However, recent legislation is allowing manufacturers to supply hospitals with N95 masks made for industrial use without fear of liability, which will allow Moldex to supply hospitals with its N95 masks. 

Nexera Medical Inc.

FL-based manufacturer Nexera Medical Inc. (Nexera) is a subsidiary of Foss Performance Materials. Nexera’s phone line appears to be disconnected at this time but they can be reached by email at

Prestige Ameritech 

TX-based company Prestige Ameritech is the largest manufacturer of surgical masks but also manufactures N95 masks. It typically produces 250,000 masks per day, but is now making one million per day. Prestige Ameritech is striving to further increase production by purchasing new equipment and hiring new employees to add to its current staff of 100. It is receiving daily orders of up to 300 million but is only accepting orders directly from hospitals at this time.

Nontraditional Vendors

Cycling Equipment Manufacturers

Several cycling equipment manufacturers, including Santini, Kitsbow Cycling Apparel and Orucase, have repurposed their manufacturing facilities to produce face masks. Notably, Orucase said it can produce 500,000 masks per week for use in the United States and Mexico.


Formlabs, a 3D printing company, is looking for ways to convert snorkeling masks into reusable respirators and face masks. 

Proctor & Gamble 

Proctor & Gamble (P&G) has recently installed new assembly lines to start production of face masks and hand sanitizer, which it said it will use to protect its employees as well as donate to hospitals, health authorities and relief organizations. 

Retail Companies

Retail companies such as Gap and Eddie Bauer are using production lines typically used for apparel to manufacture N95 face masks, surgical masks and gowns.


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