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Companies Offering Nitrile Medical Gloves

ProcurementIQ provides a list of vendors offering nitrile medical gloves

Top Glove Corporation

Malaysia-based manufacturer Top Glove Corporation Bhd (Top Glove) is the largest producer of medical gloves by volume in the world. The company acts as a manufacturer for many distributors within the United States. After a Malaysian government mandate in March of 2020 closed many of their factories and reduced their workforce, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin allowed the majority of businesses in Malaysia to resume operations on May 4. The company also has manufacturing operations in Thailand and China. The production capacity is approximately one billion gloves per week, but according to the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA), the shortage of gloves due to overwhelming demand will carry over to 2021. Thus, buyers can face extended buying lead times throughout the rest of 2020. According to Chairman Lim Wee Chai, the company has adjusted its average delivery time from 30 days to up to 150 days amidst the outbreak, especially for larger volume orders. This buying lead time can be used as a benchmark for a majority of suppliers’ lead times, given that Asia is the world’s leading exporter of nitrile gloves. Additionally, the company has set limits on the purchase amount per customer to prevent a shortage of supplies while ensuring every company is able to receive gloves.

Ansell Limited

Australia-based manufacturer Ansell Limited has a range of nitrile medical gloves that can provide buyers with adequate protection from COVID-19. The company manufactures more than 10 billion gloves per year. Many of their manufacturing operations are located overseas in China and Malaysia, which closed earlier in the year due to the pandemic. Fortunately for buyers, the majority of manufacturing operations in both China and Malaysia have reopened since, thus shortening the long buying lead times buyers faced at the start of the outbreak. Buyers should note that the company is prioritizing orders for healthcare and essential industry workers.

Cardinal Health Inc.

Cardinal Health Inc. provides healthcare services and products to healthcare companies and organizations worldwide. The company both distributes and manufactures medical and laboratory supplies, and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, is collaborating with industry partners and the US government to provide PPE globally. Due to surging demand, the company is prioritizing government buyers and medical professionals. Additionally, the company is working closely with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to prioritize deliveries to coronavirus “hotspots” in the United States. Many of their products, including nitrile gloves, are sourced from China.

Henry Schein Inc.

NY-based Henry Schein Inc. is a distributor of a variety of personal protective equipment, such as face masks, gloves and gowns. Fortunately, the company is well-prepared for a surge in demand for medical gloves because they are a co-founder of the Pandemic Supply Chain Network. According to the company, it is less likely to experience significant pressure on the supply chain for medical gloves when compared to other products, such as face masks. Henry Schein is currently prioritizing purchases from healthcare professionals and government agencies, and a majority of glove orders from this supplier are subject to quantity restrictions. The company’s quantity restrictions on their gloves are 20 boxes per 7 calendar days. The majority of their gloves are currently unavailable, however, and they are unable to provide precise delivery times due to delays with UPS. Most of their gloves are made in China.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

TX-based manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Kimberly-Clark) is a major provider of medical gloves, facial tissues, hand sanitizer and other personal protective equipment. Normally, buyers are pushed to purchase products through distributors, but buyers are able to work directly with the manufacturer due to COVID-19. While the company has manufacturing facilities in the United States, the company cites Malaysia as the country of origin for their gloves. However, due to the significant spike in demand for PPE, the company is unable to service new orders at this time, prioritizing the needs of their existing customers.

McKesson Corporation

TX-based McKesson Corporation operates as one of the nation’s leading sources for wholesale medical supplies and has been working with the federal government and other healthcare stakeholders to ensure customers and patients are equipped with PPE amidst the pandemic. However, the company is allocating supply to customers with previous purchase history of PPE and related products, which can limit the opportunity to source from this supplier. Most of the manufacturing operations for personal protective equipment are located in China. Additionally, the company offers gloves from Malaysia.

Medline Industries Inc.

IL-based Medline Industries Inc. is one of the largest privately held manufacturers and distributors of medicals supplies in the United States, and a prominent supplier of PPE. The company is currently facing the supply constraints which are plaguing the nitrile medical gloves market, such as demand being up 1000% for some of its products. However, Medline is diversifying its sourcing strategies in order to be better positioned to meet the demand of the market by investing more in airfreight shipments that decrease manufacturing-to-dock time by 3-4 weeks. The company is focused on providing personal protective equipment to priority clients, such as healthcare sector buyers, which are working to stop the spread of COVID-19. The company relies heavily on manufacturing in China and Malaysia, and although many of Asia’s factories have recently reopened, they are operating with restrictions, which slows the production and distribution of nitrile gloves.

Owens & Minor Inc.

VA-based Owens & Minor Inc. operates as a global healthcare services and logistics provider and is committed to providing PPE through their manufacturing and distribution. The company provides medical gloves through their MediChoice brand. In January, the company announced product allocation protocols to ensure the ongoing supply of their PPE for as long as possible, with an emphasis on supplying critical products to US hospitals. Thus, buyers can anticipate limits on the number of gloves they are allowed to procure from this supplier. According to the company, most of their PPE manufacturing is primarily located in the United States and the Americas.

Renco Corporation

MA-based manufacturer Renco Corporation provides nitrile, latex and vinyl exam gloves. The company states that their Titeline Sleeve/Glove Systems have been made in the United States since 1962, reflecting its ability to manufacture their products domestically. The company states that it does not have minimum orders for most of their items.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

MA-based Thermo Fisher Scientific acts as both a distributor and manufacturer of nitrile medical gloves. The company is currently prioritizing purchases from the healthcare sector and government buyers involved in combatting the spread of COVID-19. Thermo Fisher is also looking to source materials and gloves from a wide net of suppliers in an effort to keep their inventories high. However, because the company frequently sources products from overseas, it is having increased difficulty in procuring safety products. As a distributor, the opportunity to purchase gloves from Thermo Fisher Scientific will also depend on other suppliers’ ability to manufacture gloves at a pace that will keep up with market demand.

W.W. Grainger Inc.

IL-based W.W. Grainger Inc. primarily operates as an industrial supplies and equipment provider that has also been providing relief to the COVID-19 recovery effort through its PPE, which includes nitrile gloves. However, the company is prioritizing orders from government clients. Still, because W.W. Grainger operates in the market as a distributor of nitrile medical gloves, it faces significant difficulty in sourcing gloves from upstream manufacturers, the majority of which produce their gloves in Asia.

Market News

Shortage of nitrile gloves to spill into 2021

  • According to the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association, the nitrile glove industry’s supply is booked until early next year, which will continue to make procuring market products more costly and difficult.

Top Glove, the world’s largest glove manufacturer, continues to ramp up production to meet surging demand

  • The Malaysian company operates 144 factories and has been producing 200 million natural and synthetic rubber gloves a day while adding new machines to its operations each week.


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