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Companies Offering Retail (Sneeze) Guards

ProcurementIQ provides a list of vendors offering retail (sneeze) guards

Advanced Design Manufacturing LLC

Advanced Design Manufacturing (ADM) provides full-service turn-key contract manufacturing to industries that require a wide variety of highly manufactured assemblies including power distribution boxes, rack mounts and deionized water systems. ADM’s CA-based sneeze guard division, ADM Sneezeguards, offers 48 different models of pre-made, portable or custom sneeze guards tailored to hospital, grocery, office, banking and other retail establishments. The company’s manufacturing plant is operational with full production capabilities; custom guards take 3-5 days to produce while custom sneeze guards require about 10 business days of production time.

American Custom Sneeze Guards

CA-based manufacturer American Custom Sneeze Guards typically specializes in providing the food service and hospitability industries with various types of sneeze guards and food barriers. However, the company is currently making many sneeze guards for doctors, hospitals and retailers. The company offers guards with pass-through openings of any size, in addition to other product specifications and made-to-order requests. A company representative cited a turnaround time of 10-15 days. All materials are manufactured in the US and assembled at the company’s factory in Oxnard, CA.

APG Cash Drawer LLC

MN-based APG provides various cash management solutions, including cash drawers, integration systems and other custom-designed solutions. Under its Retail & Medical Countertop department, the company is committed to supplying its Guardiant brand counter shields and sneeze guards during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. The company offers four models of acrylic countertop retail and medical sneeze guards available on an individual basis or in bulk.

Buy Bulk Displays LLC

IN-based display manufacturer Buy Bulk Displays offers four varieties of portable acrylic countertop sneeze guards, in addition to made-to-order guards. The company specializes in bulk manufacturing a large variety of acrylic displays in its Indiana manufacturing facilities. Sneeze guards fall under the company’s Sneeze Guards and Protection Shields department. Most of the company’s orders ship within 10 business days. The company is currently advertising a wholesale lot of 50 sneeze guards for $4,990 with free shipping.

The Global Display Solution

OR-based The Global Display Solutions started as an importer in 2001 and has evolved into a stocking distributor of retail store fixtures, POP solutions, poster stands, sign holders and retail management items. The company is manufacturing 36”x24” hanging sneeze guard kits for $50.00 per unit and 22”x30” free standing guards for $89.00 each. The company has inventory in stock and offers discounts for bulk orders from five units and upward. Products ship from the company’s Portland, OR and Chicago, IL facilities.

Hardware Specialties Inc.

CA-based manufacturer Hardware Specialties continues to sell sneeze guards and partitions manufactured at its in-house facility in Ontario, CA. The company specializes in making six different categories of sneeze guards for the beverage and food services industries, but has begun crafting sneeze guards and social distancing floor graphics specifically for coronavirus-related purposes for other types of buyers. The company’s products are available on a made-to-order basis, both in small quantities and in bulk.

Interstate Plastics Inc.

CA-based Interstate Plastics distributes a wide variety of plastic sheet, rod, tube, bar film and profiles, as well as plastic accessories, tools and care products. The company is currently distributing sneeze guards across the United States from its 10 locations. The company states that its upstream suppliers are all domestic and are operating at normal production capacities, leading to a low risk of supply chain disruptions. Moreover, the company stocks a large of inventory of products across the country. Sneeze guards are made-to-order and the company is capable of processing bulk orders. Bulk order discounts begin at quantities of 10 or more.

Orange County Industrial Plastics

CA-based Orange County Industrial Plastics designs, engineers and distributes a wide variety of plastic products and POP displays. The company is now producing made-to-order sneeze guards at its 80,000 square foot plant in Anaheim, CA. Lead times range from one to three weeks, with bulk orders of 1,000+ units taking four to six weeks to fulfill.

Professional Plastics Inc.

CA-based Professional Plastics supplies plastic sheets, rods, tubing, films and various other plastic parts. The company is currently responding to the US government’s call for the additional manufacture of products related to the coronavirus. The company is increasing its in-house production capacities for sneeze guards, which are made-to-order and shipped from 19 locations in the US, Singapore and Taiwan. Bulk orders for 100+ units are accepted. The company is currently supplying more than 2 million PPE products per week.

Regal Plastics

TX-based Regal Plastics custom fabricates and supplies a variety of plastic sheet, rod and tube products. The company is offering acrylic sneeze guards to retail businesses under its new Coronavirus Protection department. The company is currently supplying HEB grocers and anticipates expanding to other businesses as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Sneeze guards are made-to-order with lead times of about two weeks. The company does not have a minimum order requirement. Single-unit prices range from $29.99 for small guards to $84.99 for large guards. Bulk pricing begins at 50 units for large guards, 75 for medium guards and 100 for small guards.

Retailer Solutions Co. LLC

Operating in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, Retailer Solutions Co. LLC (dba Ceiling Outfitters) supplies various types of ceiling-hanging hardware and installation systems to businesses such as retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, marketers, event venues, educational institutions and corporate facilities. Key clients include Walmart, Kohl’s, FedEx and General Motors. Ceiling Outfitters offers hanging sneeze guard kits in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, including 24”x36”, 48”x48” and 60”x36”, with prices ranging from $39.95 to $89.95. All in-stock items are shipped within 24 hours of purchase and should arrive anywhere in the continental United States within six business days of being shipped. Moreover, Ceiling Outfitters states on its website that it offers per-unit discounts to large-volume buyers.

ShopPOPdisplays Inc.

NJ-based retail display manufacturer shopPOPdisplays provides nearly 80,000 different items to 70 countries. The company has begun producing made-to-order countertop sneeze guards under its Sneeze Guards, Retail Barriers & Plexiglass Shields department. Although the company previously cited extended lead times due to a large volume of orders, the company currently estimates that orders will ship from its New Jersey facility in 1-2 business days.

Sneezeguard Solutions

AR-based Sneezeguard Solutions, a leading countertop sneeze guard manufacturer for foodservice establishments, has expanded to serve business of all types, including retail, during the coronavirus pandemic. The company offers 13 categories of guards under its Personal Protection, Food Systems and Accessories departments. The company’s products are in stock and ready to ship.

Solter Plastics

CA-based Solter Plastics is a distributor of a large selection of lucite and plexiglass products. The company is currently is offering sneeze guards, barriers, partitions and shields to aid in the fight against coronavirus. The company’s sneeze guards and other barriers are made-to-order, with lead times of two weeks on average. While the company did not make plastic barriers prior to the outbreak, a recent news article cited that they now account for about 98.0% of the company’s business.

Market News

Coronavirus fueled demand for German Plexiglas ‘sneeze guards’

  • Rohm Plexiglas (technically the correct trademarked spelling of the material’s name) invented plexiglass material back in 1933. The company is still operating today and producing thermoplastic screens for supermarkets and pharmacies in Germany.

Sneeze-guard makers can’t keep up with huge demand

  • Plastic manufacturers across California are reporting unprecedented demand for their sneeze guard products.


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