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Companies Offering Ventilator Circuits and Accessories

ProcurementIQ provides a list of vendors offering ventilator circuits and accessories

Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.

MO-based Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. manufactures respiratory devices, home healthcare products and medical gas equipment. Allied Healthcare offers ventilators, ventilator circuits and masks. In April, the company said it had ramped up production of ventilators and could produce 2,000 critical care transport ventilators per month, which is 10 times more than usual. However, the company could not confirm whether this had occurred.

Armstrong Medical Limited

Armstrong Medical Limited is a respiratory equipment manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. The company produces equipment and supplies for critical care, neonatal care and anesthesia. Armstrong Medical offers respiratory humidifiers, ventilator circuits and face masks. The company does most of its manufacturing in Northern Ireland and said in March that it was taking action to enable its inventory to meet increased demand. However, the company could not confirm whether this happened.

Bio-Med Devices Inc.

Bio-Med Devices Inc. is a manufacturer of transportable ventilators, reusable breathing circuits and related accessories such as test lungs. The company manufactures products on site in Connecticut, where it is based. Ventilator circuits are made-to-order but can be shipped within a week of the order. In June, a representative said that the company is prioritizing orders of ventilator circuits to go with ventilator orders. The company generally does not require minimum orders except for some specialty circuits which require a minimum order of 4 cases.

Drägerwerk AG

Drägerwerk AG (Drager) is a German manufacturer of medical and safety equipment. Drager offers ventilation and respiratory monitoring equipment and accessories. Drager’s American production facilities are located in Houston, TX and Telford, PA. Drager doubled production volume in February 2020 and set a goal to quadruple ventilator-related production by June 2020. Customer service representatives stated they have limited supply of ventilator circuits and accessories at this time but advised putting in the orders soon because the earliest scheduled stock date was June 2020. However, Drager did not provide an update on its current stock date. Buyers wanting to order products, receive pricing or check inventory levels must establish an account with Drager. Therefore, when conducting outreach with this vendor, buyers should leverage a specific existing relationship (i.e. a specific medical facility that maintains an existing account with Drager) in order to yield accurate representations of inventories and to submit purchase orders.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of products and systems for use in respiratory care based out of New Zealand. The company does not manufacture mechanical ventilators, but it offers ventilator circuits. The company’s closest manufacturing facility is located in Tijuana, Mexico and is responsible for about 30.0% of the company’s total volume. Furthermore, this facility accounts for approximately 50.0% of all products sold in the United States.

Flexicare Medical Limited

United Kingdom-based Flexicare Medical Limited is a manufacturer of ventilator breathing systems and accessories with manufacturing facilities located domestically in Irvine, CA. A warehouse manager confirmed they had some levels of inventory of ventilator accessories in March. The manager suggested reaching out to Jaclyn Riley (714-747-7181; for more product information.

Hamilton Medical Inc.

Hamilton Medical is a Swiss subsidiary of Hamilton, a US laboratory equipment manufacturer. Hamilton Medical specializes in adult, pediatric and neonatal intelligent ventilation solutions. The company doubled its production capacity by 50.0% in March 2020 and announced the goal to double its April production capacity to about 4,000 to 5,000 ventilators and related accessories per month. These manufacturing figures refer to production taking place outside of Switzerland, in China and to a lesser extent, the United States. The company has said that lead times will be extended as a result of the pandemic and that it may face shortages as it increases production. However, the company did not provide any updates in June.

International Control Services Inc.

International Control Services Inc. is a medical device manufacturer with facilities located in Decatur, IL. The company announced it is increasing production of ventilator circuits and currently working to fill an order of 5,000 placed by the State of New York. The company is reportedly hiring 70 people to meet increased demand. Manufacturing is concentrated in the United States.

Medtronic plc

Medtronic plc is a leading medical device manufacturer that produces ventilator and related accessories in Minneapolis, MN but is based out of Ireland for tax-purposes. In 2015, the company acquired Covidien, which manufactures the Puritan Bennett ventilator. In March 2020, the company announced it had increased ventilator and related accessories (i.e. ventilator circuits) production by more than 40.0%, putting Medtronic on track to more than double its supply capacity. In late March, Medtronic publicly released all the schematics and software required to build a portable ventilator and authorized any entity to use these blueprints to manufacture the devices. Foxconn, a contract manufacturer which assembles Apple’s iPhones, took these blueprints and began manufacturing ventilators in its Wisconsin factory in April; the company said it anticipated production of 700 ventilators per week by the end of May. However, Foxconn could not confirm whether this took place.

O-Two Medical Technologies Inc.

O-Two is based in Brampton, Ontario. The company manufactures pneumatically and electronically controlled ventilators, batteries, test lungs and circuits. Bombardier, an aircraft manufacturer, recently began building ventilator components for O-Two; Bombardier anticipates producing 1,000 units per week by the summer.

Philips N.V.

Philips, which is based in the Netherlands, is a multinational conglomerate offering a variety of products such as kitchen appliances, televisions and electric toothbrushes. Philips Respironics offers ventilators and ventilator masks; the company manufactures ventilators at its factories in California and Pennsylvania. The company announced its goal to double its ventilator and related accessories output to 2,000 units per week by mid-May 2020 and announced plans to build 15,000 E30 ventilators per week by the end of April. Philips also hopes to make 4,000 hospital ventilators per week by the third quarter of 2020. However, the company did not provide an update on current production. In April, Philips made deals with Jabil and Flex, two contract manufacturers, to increase ventilator production. Philips has said that the Trump administration’s decision to invoke the Defense Production Act has enabled it to increase production of ventilators; the company plans to deliver 43,000 ventilators to the United States government this year. Furthermore, the deal between Philips and the Trump administration will allow the company to continue exporting ventilators back to the Netherlands

ResMed Corp.

CA-based company ResMed Corp. is manufacturer of sleep apnea machines and ventilators for hospital and home use. Resmed also offers ventilator circuits, filters and connectors. The company announced in May that it has tripled production of hospital ventilators, making 52,000 ventilators in the three months to March 31. Some production lines at factories in Singapore and Australia have switched from sleep apnea devices to ventilators.

Smiths Medical Inc.

Smiths Medical (Smiths) is a subsidiary of Smiths Group plc, a British conglomerate which offers products in five segments: medical, general industry, space/aerospace, energy and security/defense. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Smiths manufactures ventilators, ventilator circuit kits and other respiratory care products such as manual resuscitators. Products are mostly manufactured in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and China. The United States is the company’s largest market; Smiths has a presence in Mississippi, New Hampshire, Indiana and Ohio. Smiths recently joined the Ventilator Training Alliance, which offers a mobile app that teaches staff how to operate ventilators. In March, the company announced that its subsidiary, Flexible Technologies Inc, was ramping up production of ventilator hoses in South Carolina. However, the company could not confirm current production capacity.

Teleflex Inc.

Teleflex is a manufacturer of medical devices headquartered in Wayne, PA. Teleflex offers adult, pediatric and neonatal circuits and respiratory humidifiers. The company manufactures products in Illinois, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Georgia; Teleflex also has a factory in Ireland.

Vyaire Medical Inc.

IL-based Vyaire Medical Inc. is a manufacturer of respiratory care devices and related accessories. Vyaire operates a manufacturing plant in Palm Springs, CA where it produces several ventilator models. Vyaire also produces “consumables” such as masks and ventilator circuits at a manufacturing facility in Mexicali. In April, Vyaire won a contract with the US Department of Health and Human Services to build 22,000 ventilators by the end of June. Vyaire has also partnered with Spirit Aerosystems to build ventilators at a factory in Kansas.

Westmed Inc.

Westmed manufactures ventilators and ventilator circuits. The company is based in Arizona, with plants in Tucson, Nogales and Tecate. Westmed has boosted its manufacturing in response to the pandemic. However, due to high demand, customers can expect longer lead times and partial order shipments. Build-to-order products will take about 7 to 10 weeks to deliver. Additionally, the company announced that it will not accept cancellations or returns for most of its products beginning April 1.

Market News

Fitbit Introduces Fitbit Flow, a Low-Cost Emergency Ventilator, to Help Address Urgent Global Needs During COVID-19 Crisis

  • Fitbit’s emergency ventilator, Fitbit Flow, received Emergency Use Authorization from the United States Food and Drug Administration. This low-cost ventilator will help reduce the shortage of ventilators.

Polish scientists design remote-controlled ventilator to fight COVID-19

  • Polish scientists have designed a remote-controlled ventilator that will keep healthcare workers away from patients, protecting them from infection.

Short-term ventilator sharing may be viable for COVID-19 patients: study

  • A U.S. study found that a ventilator can be shared by two COVID-19 patients for up to two days. Many healthcare facilities are currently dealing with shortages of ventilators, so ventilator sharing could potentially save lives.

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