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Tariffs, Trade Wars and Supply Chains: How Can Procurement Prepare?

Webinar: Tariffs, Trade Wars Supply Chains: How Can Procurement Prepare?

Do you fully understand how tariffs and perceived trade wars will affect your supply chain and your bottom line? Join business analysts from ProcurementIQ as we discuss key takeaways and highlight several strategies buyers can take to minimize the financial impact of the recent tariffs

Game Theory Negotiations: Are You Striving for the Win or the Win-Win?

How strategic do you get during negotiations? For some organizations, saving money is their ultimate priority, so they may go in just wanting the lowest price the vendor can offer.

Consolidate suppliers to reduce costs

How to Consolidate Suppliers and Reduce Costs

Successful purchasing relies on effective suppliers. With ongoing evaluation of your supply base and replacing average vendors with better ones, you’ll improve the process and benefit from increased efficiencies.

Honey, I Shrunk My Supplier Base! Cut Costs with Vendor Consolidation

Having to manage numerous vendors is not only time-consuming, but too many can reduce your department’s effectiveness and ability to nurture key relationships.

Contract Renewal: Is this Price Increase Justified?

Your product or service renewal is approaching and the supplier has just notified you that your annual rate will increase. How do you determine whether or not the price bump is justified?

Using Market Intelligence to Achieve Procurement Goals

Procurement departments these days are harnessing market intelligence (MI) as one of the most efficient tools to develop and support strategic sourcing decisions. Gaining access to third-party category research will help sourcing staff make informed decisions and achieve goals.

Negotiating a Win in Difficult Markets

ProcurementIQ has analyzed a range of markets with characteristics that often work against buyers, including volatile prices, high market share concentration and changing regulations. Procurement and supply chain professionals can use the strategies and tactics provided to help increase their spend efficiency and encourage competitive RFPs with suppliers.