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Biden Is Proposing a Revolution in Procurement

President-elect Biden has proposed a cascade of changes to procurement practices in the United States, which would be the greatest mobilization of investments in procurement, infrastructure and research and development since World War II.

Solving the Warehouse Staffing Crisis

Surging e-commerce sales are driving record gains in warehouse employment, a trend that will only intensify heading into the holiday season. ProcurementIQ outlines strategies to mitigate the labor shortage risks that are poised to emerge.

Coming up Short? Managing Skilled Labor Shortages

ProcurementIQ breaks down the key factors exacerbating the skilled labor shortage and highlights strategies firms can employ to bolster their labor force and get affected supply chains back on track.

Merge Ahead: Three Markets to Watch for Consolidation

Years of economic prosperity ended with the COVID-19 pandemic. Read up on how M&A has shifted during this unique recession.

AI Brings Remote Learning Close to Home

Five EdTech platforms meeting education’s challenges face-to-face.

Supply Chain Lessons Learned from the Coronavirus

Years of solely focusing on efficiency left supply chains brittle. Here’s what we can learn from their breakdown.

The Coronavirus & Unemployment: A Look at the Ailing Economy

Unprecedented growth in unemployment has rocked the economy. ProcurementIQ examines which sectors are most impacted and how some businesses are rising to the challenge.

Oil & Gas Spotlight: The Oil Price War & Coronavirus Spell Double Trouble

Oil prices are historically a bellwether for the economy and right now, it’s looking like a winding path ahead.

Coronavirus Spurs Healthy Demand for These Eight Markets

Though a recession is underway, these eight markets are seeing surging demand in the wake of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Coronavirus Buyer's Guide - Financial Services

Financial institutions typically face elevated risk during recessionary times. As businesses and consumers alike face decreasing revenue and income, they look to lending institutions for support during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Coronavirus Buyer's Guide - Software-as-a-Service

SaaS providers are experiencing heightened demand from work-from-home employees during first-quarter 2020 because of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, but this spike is not anticipated to last through the end of the year.

Coronavirus Buyer's Guide - Management Consulting

Despite the somewhat discretionary nature of management consulting, this market is fairing relatively well in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. 

Coronavirus Buyer's Guide - Rental Equipment

Rental equipment suppliers are not well-equipped to weather the economic storm introduced by COVID-19 (coronavirus). Falling demand for goods and services, widespread initiatives to avoid nonessential person-to-person contact, poor performance among manufacturers and rising credit risk is causing demand for rental equipment to shrink.

Coronavirus Buyer's Guide - Construction

Construction firms’ risk exposure is augmented during economic downturns; the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is heightening such risk as contractors are facing supply chain disruption in addition to hindered demand.

Coronavirus Buyer's Guide - Work From Home Equipment & Services

Shelter-in-place policies are transforming the work environment and how businesses operate during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Buyers must consider a variety of factors, such as supply shortages, supplier financial health and fluctuations in demand for essential equipment and services, that affect businesses transitioning their workplace to work from home (WFH), also known as telecommuting.