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The Future is Here: Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Procurement

If you are a procurement professional, you rely on making decisions quickly. The quality of your decisions is based on the quality of your data. Learn more about how smart contracts and blockchain come into play.

New Year, New Bill: How Tax Reform Will Affect You in 2018 & Beyond

ProcurementIQ has identified a few industries that are likely to see the biggest impact from the tax bill. While many upstream businesses will benefit from higher demand, procurement departments will experience higher prices on several key products and services.

Negotiation Brief: HVAC System Construction & Maintenance

ProcurementIQ has identified several key questions procurement professionals should ask when selecting an HVAC construction and maintenance service provider.

Honeywell to Sell Off Two of its Lucrative Business Units

Honeywell customers should be wary of the takeover, which could increase market share concentration and erode negotiation leverage.

Gas and Globalization: How Rising Production Affects Buyers

ProcurementIQ expects rising globalization will boost competition among natural gas suppliers in the next three years, benefiting buyers with international operations.

DowDuPont Merger Creates Single Chemical Giant

In December of 2015, Dow Chemical and DuPont announced their intent to merge into a single chemical conglomerate. Nearly two years later, the $60-billion merger was finally completed as the New York Stock Exchange closed on the final day of August.

Steel Costs Predicted to Rise After Hitting Record Low

In March, the price of steel in the United States hit record lows, bottoming out after several years of volatile declines.

Beyond Factory Robots: The Impact of Automation on Price Growth

Automation’s disruption of other areas of the economy, however, including the construction, transportation and financial services sectors, has been less widely covered.

Negotiation Brief: Facilities Management Services

Facilities management services have been becoming more popular among building owners. Providers offer direct management of a range of facility functions, from janitorial services to landscaping, building maintenance and energy management. As the economy has been growing during the past three years, business investment has risen, thus encouraging demand for these services.