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So many of us are often tasked with identifying and checking high priority tasks off our to-do list. However, we are still bombarded with smaller projects and have daily tasks that still need attention. This makes it harder for us to complete those higher priority tasks, and the smaller tasks, with high quality, even though those are the items we should be dedicating most of our time toward.

In an Outsource Magazine article, “Procurement: Why You Should Outsource the Work and Not the People,” author, Brian Churchill, discusses this issue exactly. He takes us through why it’s important to outsource some of the more tactical tasks and how to do it, and why hiring additional team members is not always the best solution.

Why Hiring New Team Members is Not Always the Answer?

It may take longer than expected to fill the role, resulting in goals not being met as anticipated. Once the candidate is hired, the onboarding process “is usually sidestepped due to the now urgent timeline to manage the open category”

Where to Begin When Outsourcing Tasks?

Option 1: Outsource the Grunt Work

Churchill suggests to let someone else do the tactical work. “There are dozens of procurement outsourcing groups out there just waiting to take on the not-so-fun tactical work…You may think it will cost too much to outsource or an outside resource won’t understand your business. In reality, many outsourcing companies are now equipped with DOsultants, not CONsultants…by nature the work should be completed more consistently and with higher quality.”

Click here to learn more about the options Brian Churchill gives readers and to read his full article.

As your department moves toward becoming more strategic and prove ROI, it might be worth to look into outsourcing some of the grunt work. It takes time to build a good team that works well together and it can be even more difficult to find new team members that fit the needs of the department. As Brian says in his article’s title, let’s outsource the work and not the people!


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