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Los Angeles-based company ProcurementIQ, a trusted and independent source of procurement research, is launching a new collection of company-specific reports. SupplierIQ is the latest addition to the ProcurementIQ ecosystem that includes category, RFP and custom research solutions. The new supplier information tool includes 5,000+ interactive company reports that provide financial data and analysis on supplier performance.

SupplierIQ is designed to help procurement professionals save time identifying, qualifying and benchmarking suppliers. This robust tool brings a wealth of supplier information into one easy-to-navigate report.

SupplierIQ Company Profile Highlights:

  • An unbiased competitor matrix that benchmarks suppliers against their competition within a given market. Switch from market to market to assess a suppliers’ performance across their various business units.
  • Hard-to-find financial benchmarks for private companies, including ranges for key line items on the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows. Use SupplierIQ’s benchmarks to quickly determine whether a supplier meets the thresholds required to move forward in the sourcing process.
  • Comprehensive financial data for public companies, including a company’s income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows. Find up-to-date financial data in one centrally located place with graphs and tables that help contextualize the data.
  • General and operational information, including ownership type, revenue figures and trends, financial health scores and NAICS codes. Let ProcurementIQ do the research so you can get back to high-value activities.
  • List of additional product and service markets the company operates in. SupplierIQ’s market-specific approach lets you compare a company’s market share, profitability, average risk and other factors from market to market. Jump into procurement research reports to learn more about each market.
  • SWOT analysis helps you assess how a company’s market share trend, inventory turnover, specialization and other factors present as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats. Build out your buying-decision scorecard or negotiation questions using SupplierIQ’s ready-made SWOT analyses.

The time is right to launch this powerful supplier information tool. With 2020 bringing on unexpected supply chain disruptions, ProcurementIQ knows it’s more important than ever to tidy up supplier lists. Leverage SupplierIQ reports when searching for new suppliers or re-evaluating contracts with existing suppliers.

Want to learn more about ProcurementIQ and its SupplierIQ collection? Request a demo today.

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