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ProcurementIQ is dedicated to providing the highest quality data and intelligence so you can make the best and most efficient decisions. This brief video will go over our new Recent Developments feature. 

We know that the external environment can change in an instant. To make important decisions, you need the most up to date information available.  

Now, when something like the Suez Canal Blockage happens, or a merger or acquisition is announced, we will analyze the impacts on each market that is affected. We will feed this information into the relevant reports, so major changes will be reflected within days of the event. This means you can be sure that ProcurementIQ report information is up-to-date.  

We will also hyperlink directly to the report sections impacted, so you can easily see the most current market information. 

The impact from recent developments will also be a key component of Buyer Power Score, providing you with context to key changes in your categories.  

ProcurementIQ's new Recent Developments section will help you keep track of changes in high-spend categories, share relevant information with your stakeholders as you work through a project, and have access to valuable insights to regularly update category strategies or playbooks.