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6 Best Practices for Commodities Contracts

ProcurementIQ introduces commodity purchasing best practices to help businesses navigate commodity contracts and trends.

Avoid This Common RFP Mistake to Enjoy Better Supplier Engagement

Suppliers often spend a significant amount of time vetting a potential customer. To avoid wasting time, buyers should take a similar approach when evaluating potential vendors. There are two easy ways to quickly qualify a supplier’s real interest in your project – read on to learn what they are.

The Problem with RFPs

The fundamental problem with RFPs is the lack of a process and the infrastructure needed to house all of the necessary information. However, help is on the way with the ProcurementIQ RFP Builder, a web-based tool proven to make RFP creation and management a whole lot easier.

4 Tips for Creating a Thorough RFP Process

A good RFP process can protect a district from scrutiny over purchases and ensure that the district has received the best price and products possible. Here are some steps to make the RFP process easier...

Stop Making These RFP Mistakes

Writing an RFP? Stop Making These 3 Mistakes!

It is imperative that you write an RFP that clearly communicates your needs. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done, as evidenced by the many pitfalls that procurement professionals encounter when writing an RFP. Let’s look at three mistakes to avoid when writing an RFP.

Crafting a Winning RFP

To many, writing RFPs is just another time-consuming part of the procurement process. However, it is very crucial to the organization that the procurement department gets it right.

Consequences of Poorly Written RFPs

RFPs Gone Wild: Consequences of Poorly Written RFPs

The evolution of the RFP process, as with many other processes in the procurement field, has proven its value to the procurement function beyond just getting what the company needs. But there are consequences to poorly written RFP - here are the top 5.

The 5 W’s of RFPs

If you’re a procurement professional, chances are you’ve been involved in the creation of an RFP sometime in your career. Whether you love them or hate them, RFPs can be a critical part of the purchasing process. Get back to the basics with a quick refresher.

7 Common Mistakes During the RFP Process

You can have a better chance of receiving quality RFP responses and save time by preventing these common RFP mistakes.