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Amazon Business

Amazon Business: Still Leading the Game with its B2B Purchasing Platform

Amazon’s B2B procurement platform launched in April 2015 and has become increasingly influential in the procurement space with new features and innovation. As you may expect, it doesn’t look like its growth will slow any time soon. Learn more about this tool and whether it might help you improve speed to market for your stakeholders.

Amazon Business: A New Way to Procure

Our analysts took a look at the Amazon Business platform to see how the ecommerce behemoth is attempting to make it easier for businesses to purchase products from one another to correct some of the current inefficiencies within the B2B procurement space.

If You’re Still Using Google for Category Research, You’re Doing It Wrong

Google will provide you with a ton of information within seconds. But, how do you know that information is accurate, unbiased and up-to-date? And more importantly, can you quickly find the category-specific information you need? If Google is your source for research, we’re here to tell you – you’re doing it wrong!

P-Cards: Managing Purchasing with Each Swipe

P-Cards allow organizations to control employees’ (i.e. cardholders) spending by establishing presets for different cardholders. Learn how P-Cards yield many perks for organizations, such as fewer invoices and faster payments.