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Technologies Shaping the Future of Procurement

Heading into 2021, procurement professionals will need to embrace emerging technologies to overcome modern risks.

Cybersecurity in 2019: New Tactics & Technologies for Tracking Phishy Behavior

The potentially disastrous consequences of cyberattacks have led IT teams to become more sophisticated and proactive in their defense against threat actors.

Meet the Robots

Six Disruptive Startups That Are Using Robotics to Take Over Change the World.

Why Procurement Needs a Digital Strategy

Download this white paper, presented by ProcurementIQ and Bertrand Maltaverne, to learn 4 steps to creating a digital strategy for procurement.

Supply Chains Enter the Blockchain Era

While transitioning to new blockchain-based systems may increase costs for companies in the short-term, the efficiencies achieved will likely increase future profit margins and potentially decrease the number of necessary partners for global transactions.

Don’t Dismiss Blockchain, It’s So Much More Than Bitcoin

Blockchain technology is certainly not a passing fad. Find out how this innovative technology is revolutionizing the procurement sector.

How to Solve the Big Data Challenge in Procurement?

There is an important issue within procurement that needs to be addressed. Too many CPOs and purchasing departments are looking at the future of procurement solely through a technological prism and consider technology as the end—when it is merely the means to an end. 

3D Printers: Navigating the Market

Innovation in the market has been transforming the ways in which consumers and businesses use 3D printers, and will continue doing so in the foreseeable future.

Public Procurement Blockchain

How Public Procurement Can Benefit from Blockchain

News on blockchain and cryptocurrencies has taken over making consumers and businesses wonder how the new technology will impact them. For the business world, blockchain will present many new opportunities. But for public procurement, specifically, it has wide-reaching applications.

The Next Cyber Crisis: 3 Steps to Prepare Your Business

To address the issues that have arisen regarding cybercrime, businesses and their IT departments should be aware of the different steps they can take and products and services they can implement to protect their data systems.

The Future is Here: Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Procurement

If you are a procurement professional, you rely on making decisions quickly. The quality of your decisions is based on the quality of your data. Learn more about how smart contracts and blockchain come into play.

Blockchain: The 2018 Disruptor of the Year

For Bitcoin, 2017 was an extraordinary year as it documented the cryptocurrency’s stratospheric rise and unprecedented entry into mainstream dialog. Regardless of which side of the bubble debate you are on, the implications that blockchain technology may have on many industries are impossible to ignore.

Procurement Transformation: 3 Technologies to Watch

Drones, 3D printing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Uber, SpaceX and Airbnb. We hear about disruptive technologies and companies every single day, but what kind of disruptions should procurement practitioners keep their eyes on?

Digital Transformation of Procurement

What is the Digital Transformation of Procurement Really About?

In the coming years, a digital revolution is set to take place, and the procurement world can expect substantial changes as a result. During this wave of technological change, there are several concepts that procurement professionals should familiarize themselves with to ensure they remain at the forefront of procurement processes.