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Webinar: 3 Major Procurement Trends 2019

In 2018, we heard a LOT about tariffs, the blockchain, Brexit, trade wars with China, natural disasters and labor shortages. As we look ahead to 2019, there’s a good chance we’ll continue to hear about those topics. How can you be proactive and tackle these issues head-on? What will really matter to your stakeholders and your supply chain in the coming year?  

Webinar: Improve Your RFP Process by Avoiding These 5 Pitfalls

Let’s get back to the basics with 4 Degrees North’s Phil Bode, an expert on how to craft great RFPs. He’ll talk about 5 common pitfalls that are tripping up your process and offer simple, actionable solutions to get you back on track.

Tariffs, Trade Wars and Supply Chains: How Can Procurement Prepare?

Webinar: Tariffs, Trade Wars Supply Chains: How Can Procurement Prepare?

Do you fully understand how tariffs and perceived trade wars will affect your supply chain and your bottom line? Join business analysts from ProcurementIQ as we discuss key takeaways and highlight several strategies buyers can take to minimize the financial impact of the recent tariffs

Webinar: How Procurement Can Add Value through Market Intelligence

Join us as ProcurementIQ SVP Lyle Dixon-Smith talks about how procurement departments can leverage market intelligence to provide value to internal stakeholders and business units. 

Webinar: Retail Isn’t Dying and Neither is Procurement!

Contrary to popular belief, retail isn’t dying - it’s evolving - and so is procurement’s role in the industry. Join ProcurementIQ as we look at challenges in the retail space and 3 key strategies to address them. As part of those strategies, we’ll discuss where procurement can step in to support multiple departments as retailers evolve to meet consumers’ demands and expectations.

Webinar: How to Create a Digital Strategy for Procurement

Many organizations are considering the implementation of digital tools to optimize their procurement activities. But for newcomers to the digital procurement scene, the process can seem daunting at first.

Webinar: Modernize and Centralize Your RFP Creation Process

Do you spend too much time writing (and re-writing) RFPs, feel unsure about what exactly to include in them, or wonder how to better collaborate with your team when writing RFPs?

Webinar: 5 Common RFP Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

When your team has put a lot of time and effort into issuing an RFP, it’s frustrating to receive low-quality results. If you’ve been looking to improve your RFPs to get better vendor responses, this free, 30-minute webinar is for you!