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Procurement Market Intelligence Report

Document Storage Services in Canada
Sourcing Guide & Market Trends

Comprehensive intelligence for making smart purchasing decisions

Learn about actual and potential costs

How much should I pay for Document Storage Services in Canada?

What is the average price of Document Storage Services in Canada?

This procurement report includes pricing information to help you purchase Document Storage Services in Canada. Our analysts provide a benchmark price and a price range based on key pricing factors to help you understand what you should be paying for this specific product or service. To see the average price for this and hundreds of other products and services, subscribe to ProcurementIQ.

Has the price of Document Storage Services in Canada been rising or falling?

Analysts look at market data from the previous three years to determine an overall price trend. You can use the recent price trends to help you understand price volatility and plan your budget.

I’m not ready to purchase Document Storage Services in Canada yet. Will I pay more if I wait too long?

We forecast the next three years of price movements by looking at factors likely to affect the market's supply chain, such as inputs, demand and competition. You can then use the price forecast to figure out the best time to purchase.

What other costs are associated with purchasing Document Storage Services in Canada?

Our analysts calculate the total cost of ownership and assign a level of low, moderate or high, depending on things like customization, integration and installation. Use this information to budget for Document Storage Services in Canada with a reduced risk of unexpected costs.

See how we display average pricing information, trends and market data.

Evaluate major factors to mitigate risk

How risky is the Document Storage Services supply chain in Canada?

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Questions to ask potential suppliers

How can I gain leverage during negotiations?


  • What inventory tracking systems do you have in place?
  • Can you provide a disaster and recovery plan in case of any catastrophic events, including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, theft and other damage?
  • Are you able to cover any costs in case of catastrophic events? Can you provide proof of appropriate insurance?
  • Do you have an on-site guard or manager at all times? If not, what are the hours?

Service Transfer

  • Do you assume full responsibility for transferring my records from the current storage facility to yours?
  • How do you ensure safe transfer of documents to your facility? What do you do in the event of damage or loss?
  • Can you provide an inventory report upon completion of record transferring?
  • How do you handle service disruptions?


  • What measures do you take when you begin to run out of space at your facility?
  • Do you outsource any storage operations to a third-party provider? If so, what services do you outsource?
  • How do you take advantage of outsourcing? Do you use inventory management systems for organizing and tracking purposes?
  • What technology do you use to protect documents from physical damage and unauthorized access?
  • How quickly can I retrieve my documents if they are stored off site?

Permanent Removal & Destruction

  • What are your permanent removal or withdrawal fees?
  • Do you charge account closing fees? If so, how do they work along with permanent removal fees?
  • If I close account with my current vendor, do you provide any assistance in offsetting the permanent withdrawal fees?
  • Do you offer certified destruction of records, including shredding or incineration? Will you be able to provide a certificate of destruction?
  • How do you ensure the confidentiality of records during the destruction process?

Sourcing across North America?

Combine Canada Spotlight Reports with our US Market Intelligence to bolster your North American strategy

Key elements for every RFP

What should my Document Storage Services in Canada RFP include?

Project Budget

  • Buyers should specify the total budget for the service.
  • Buyers should state their preferred pricing model, along with their desired payment terms and frequency.

Selection Criteria

  • Buyers should prioritize vendors that are located nearby to reduce lead times and cut transportation costs.
  • Buyers should select vendors that meet the required level of security.

Project Schedule

  • Buyers need to indicate the date when proposals are due.
  • Buyers should indicate the date when documents need to be transferred.
  • Buyers should indicate their preference for contract lengths and renewal schedules.