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Procurement Research Reports

Our Procurement Research Reports help procurement and purchasing professionals gain the knowledge and expertise they need to make informed sourcing decisions. Our library of 1,000+ reports allows you to dive directly into almost any product or service category and uncover market trends and benchmark data to help you minimize risk and reduce costs.

Convenient and Consistent Format

All ProcurementIQ procurement reports are available instantly online. The report chapters align with the standard steps in the procurement process, which means you can find the answers you need, fast.

Each report contains essential data and analysis on topics that affect the purchasing decision, like pricing dynamics, product characteristics, supplier benchmarking, supply chain risks and negotiation questions and tactics.

Unbiased Research

Don’t spend hours searching for information online or rely on biased, fragmented or obsolete sources. Our independent data and analysis from trusted sources will help you make better purchasing decisions faster.

ProcurementIQ can help - no matter your project or goal.

We’ll show you how we can help.