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Save Hours on Market Research

There are many things you need to understand and analyze when looking at the supply market, like level of competition, supplier bargaining power, pricing models, supply chain risks and more. Even if you’re familiar with a market, you’ll need to get up to speed on possible changes in the supply chain, regulations and price trends.

Trying to research all of this on your own would take hours. Instead, use our category research reports to uncover these market dynamics in minutes.

Uncover Savings

There are many factors that can influence the final price you pay. Buyers can identify potential savings opportunities by knowing average prices paid by other buyers, recent price trends and volatility – all of which is contained in our research. In addition, our reports provide an overview of vendors’ financial health and the market’s cost structure to help you strategize your approach to the market and maximize your bargaining power.

Understand Market Risks

Insight into potential supply chain risks can influence how you approach the purchasing process. Our reports explain how vendors negotiate with upstream suppliers, discuss profitability of the top companies and analyze risks associated with concentrated supplier locations, imports and vendors.

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Download a PDF summary that outlines how ProcurementIQ reports assist in each stage of the Procurement Process, from needs assessment and planning all the way to negotiation and integration.

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