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Save Time on Supplier Research

Finding and learning about the top suppliers of a good or service takes time – time you don’t always have. Our reports pull together information on the major players in every category and provide insights on these vendors’ financial health, profitability, potential risk and other factors, so you can determine the pros and cons of each supplier.

Determine Who Can Meet Your Needs

Based on this information, you can start to map out which vendors can meet your needs. You can also use our data and analysis to guide your leverage strategy, such as looking at whether there are enough major suppliers to engage in a competitive bid and understanding what kind of market power your incumbent suppliers have.

Related Goods and Services Guidance

Our category research not only helps you assess primary providers, but can also guide you in understanding related goods or services you’ll need and what the market is for those. Because related goods and services play into your total cost of ownership and can be bundled together for savings, it’s crucial to understand suppliers’ capabilities to get the full picture.

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Download a PDF summary that outlines how ProcurementIQ reports assist in each stage of the Procurement Process, from needs assessment and planning all the way to negotiation and integration.

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