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So, You’ve Signed a Contract…

After all the planning and negotiation, you’ve selected a supplier and signed a contract. Now you must implement the product or service into your organization, train the team and measure the success over the course of the contract.

Our reports lay out key quality control elements to help you plan for how you’ll measure the success of the purchase. Keep tabs on factors like the supplier’s adherence to specifications (especially if you needed customizations), on-time delivery, level of service, adoption by your end-users and other aspects to help you determine success.

Down the road, if you need to purchase this good or service again, you’ll have both quantitative and qualitative factors against which you can measure the selected vendor to decide if the incumbent has provided the value you expected.

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Download a PDF summary that outlines how ProcurementIQ reports assist in each stage of the Procurement Process, from needs assessment and planning all the way to negotiation and integration.

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