Client Case Study: Suffolk University

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Market Intelligence & Academics

Suffolk University prides itself on preparing students to thrive in the business world by providing the education and tools students need to succeed. By equipping students with ProcurementIQ’s trusted market intelligence, Suffolk is giving them access to cutting-edge information that will help them during and after their academic journey.

How Students Use ProcurementIQ

Students at Suffolk University’s Sawyer School of Business find in-class and real-world applications of ProcurementIQ in a variety of courses, including Marketing, Consumer Insights & Decision Making, Globalization and Entrepreneurship.

Using our research, business students will learn fundamentals like how to find time and cost savings, how to reduce risk and how to improve their credibility, which are valuable in any business environment. In addition to learning these essentials, there are many other ways that students use ProcurementIQ. Here are some stand-outs:

  • Save research time by accessing a huge amount of information and data in one easy-to-navigate resource. Our tabbed structure and clear table of contents, consistent across reports, allow students to find what they’re looking for quickly.

  • Students can explore real-world projects and build business plans for ventures that interest them outside of the classroom – after all, many of them are aspiring entrepreneurs!

  • Once they realize they can’t quote Wikipedia in college, students rely on ProcurementIQ as a reliable, trustworthy resource. For example, students use our up-to-date market information to suggest consumer targets or recommend advertising packages to enhance marketing presentations. Figures from tables and charts can even be downloaded for use in student work.

  • Everyone in the business program, even those who aren’t going into sourcing or procurement positions, needs to understand critical factors that our research presents, like total cost of ownership (TCO), market and price movements, how input costs and external demand drivers affect pricing and why.


How Faculty Integrates ProcurementIQ

Professors and faculty at Suffolk University have a variety of resources available and they rely on librarians’ expertise to find a database that fits their needs. At Suffolk, the academic librarians repeatedly recommend ProcurementIQ. It provides an easy-to-navigate tool that keeps up with changing economic trends and market factors. We provide real-world data and expertise that exists outside of academia, which is valuable when faculty are helping students understand the benefits of what they’re learning beyond their college classes. All of these characteristics result in a resource that students will actually use!  

Another element that Suffolk faculty are “over the moon” about is ProcurementIQ’s use of Porter’s Five Forces as a backbone of our research. Porter’s teachings are fundamental to business curriculum, yet most resources can’t match our approach to this critical framework. However, each of our reports address those key forces, meaning professors don’t have to manipulate their curriculum or our research to fit into the model – it’s already there!

Why Academic Librarians Value ProcurementIQ

When looking to provide a new resource for students and faculty, librarians must understand why and how that tool will be used. It needs to be relevant across many disciplines and have great applicability. The resource should be unique and fill a gap that isn’t currently served by another option and ideally, it will complement the other resources already on hand. ProcurementIQ checks all of those boxes.

The sensible architecture of our online resource means there is a quick ramp-up for staff, faculty and students, so librarians don’t need to spend a lot of time teaching individuals how to use it. The tabbed structure, the descriptive drop-down menus and the consistent layout create a simple but powerful tool that is relevant across the board for business school classes. All of this adds up to a tool that librarians and electronic resources staff at Suffolk University are confident in recommending to professors and faculty.

ProcurementIQ at Suffolk University

Finding an easy-to-use and relevant resource that students, faculty and librarians are confident in is no small feat. ProcurementIQ has been integrated into the Sawyer School of Business at Suffolk University in ways that accomplish the goals of the university in educating its students and provide valuable application beyond academia for the entrepreneurs and business leaders of the future.


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