Forecasting 3 Major Procurement Trends for 2019

In 2018, we heard a LOT about tariffs, the blockchain, Brexit, trade wars with China, natural disasters and labor shortages. As we look ahead to 2019, there’s a good chance we’ll continue to hear about those topics. How can you be proactive and tackle these issues head-on? What will really matter to your stakeholders and your supply chain in the coming year 

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • Why it’s time to be proactive about risk management – wait & see is no longer an option 
  • How sustainability and corporate social responsibility will affect how you manage your supply chain 
  • Why automation is here to stay and how it will affect the procurement profession 


Michelle Hovanetz
Lead Business Research Analyst 
Thomas Larson
Lead Business Research Analyst 

Michelle has been an integral part of ProcurementIQ’s analyst team for over 5 years, as a Senior Analyst and now overseeing a team of analysts who write and update our reports, create RFP templates and perform custom research for our clients. Michelle interfaces frequently with procurement departments of all sizes to help them use and understand our research. 

Thomas plays a key role in quality control for ProcurementIQ products and services. He’s contributed to several of our product enhancements, including the Key RFP Elements, Selection Process, and Supplier Diversity sections, plus the RFP Builder. He works directly with our account managers to provide additional insights in using our research and how we can better help our clients understand our methodology.

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