Retail Isn’t Dying and Neither is Procurement!

Contrary to popular belief, retail isn’t dying - it’s evolving - and so is procurement’s role in the industry. Join ProcurementIQ as we look at challenges in the retail space and 3 key strategies to address them. As part of those strategies, we’ll discuss where procurement can step in to support multiple departments as retailers evolve to meet consumers’ demands and expectations.

Some topics we’ll touch on include:

  • Other disruptions to brick and mortar stores besides e-commerce
  • How competitors are teaming up to satisfy consumers and why procurement will be critical to forming strong partnerships
  • Why experimenting could bring success and how you can support departments ready to take new risks

Sean Windle
Lead Analyst, ProcurementIQ
Mara Michael
Host, ProcurementIQ

Sean has been involved in research and economic reporting on the retail sector for years as a ProcurementIQ analyst. He’s got his finger on the pulse concerning the changes in the retail sector and how digital advances are changing the industry and consumers’ expectations. Prior to his role as an analyst, Sean was a journalist, so he’s always loved digging deeper and asking the tough questions.

Mara is heavily involved in editing ProcurementIQ’s reports to ensure they are not only accurate but are easy to digest and provide actionable takeaways. She’s also instrumental in creating interesting visual graphics that bring the data to life. She’ll be our host to help us take a hard look at the challenging retail environment and how procurement can bring success to retailers today.


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