The Secret to Gaining Credibility in Procurement

Categories : Procurement Goals | improve credibility | Implement & Measure | Set Strategy Published on : Dec 06 2017

By: ProcurementIQ Staff Writer, Savannah George

We all want to be trusted by our peers and have our expertise respected by management. However, that trustworthiness is something that procurement professionals, in particular, have struggled to gain. To overcome this obstacle and gain credibility you need to become an effective communicator. While this approach is surely not novel to you, the secret is it has a byproduct that is critical to develop the relationships necessary to obtain credibility: transparency. 

Now we’re not talking about the rules of fair procurement when referring to transparency. This discussion is about how communication transparency can open doors and eliminate misperceptions in your daily interactions across the organization. If you no longer want to be mistaken as a department that gets in the way of people getting things done instead of being heralded for the true value you bring to the table, then it sounds like you need to serve up a large helping of transparency.


Whether we like it or not, subjective factors do play a role into decision-making. So, it’s important that coworkers understand your brand, value and ability to deliver. You might have a flawless presentation with indisputable ROI, but you may find it challenging getting the funding necessary if executives don’t know that they can trust you to execute the project successfully and by deadline. Therefore, it’s imperative to provide transparency into the value you offer beyond cost-savings and some insight into what your department is all about.

Here’s how:

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