Insider Tips: 5 Ways to Make Life Easier for Public Procurement Officials

Categories : Procurement Goals | Save Time | Implement & Measure | Set Strategy Published on : Aug 15 2017

By: ProcurementIQ Writer, Hilary O'Brien

Each year, public procurement professionals at all levels of government are asked to do more work with fewer resources. Onvia’s ‘Survey of Government Procurement Professionals 2017’ shows that nearly 40 percent of state and local government procurement staff feel overworked and almost 25 percent indicate that pre-bid research and planning is the top challenge. In addition, Daniel I. Gordon (Associate Dean for Government Procurement Law at The George Washington University Law School) noted in Reflections on the Federal Procurement Landscape that, “Virtually every key role in acquisition planning, as well as in contract management, was overstretched, undertrained and undervalued.”

If you’re feeling overworked and looking for ways to make life a little easier, we’ve got five insider tips from procurement experts to bring back some work-life balance.

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