Cooperative Purchasing Best Practices From a Seasoned Procurement Officer

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By: Michael Keating, Senior Editor for Government Product News and Contributing Editor for American City and County

Reach out to your legal and finance team is one piece of advice from Terry McKee

Terry McKee, IT and Procurement Director at Knoxville's (Tenn.) Community Development Corporation (KCDC) provided Government Product News with his views on suggested best practices for cooperative buys. McKee has been in public procurement management for a combined 29 years in the Knox County Schools and the Knox County government.

KCDC is the public housing authority for Knoxville and Knox County. The agency also serves as the redevelopment agency for Knoxville’s city government. The organization manages and rents more than 3,700 units across more than 20 properties and manages the application process and distribution of 4,000 Section 8 vouchers.

It’s critical, says McKee, that public buyers talk to their legal and finance teams to make sure the co-op contract under consideration meets requirements in their particular state. He says, while many states have now authorized the use of co-ops, not all have, and many have imposed restrictions. One example, says McKee is that while the Tennessee state government allows the use of cooperative contracts, they may not be used for several specific goods and services, including:

  • Construction above $25,000
  • Architectural/Engineering Services
  • New motor vehicles (there are some qualifiers)
  • Construction equipment

Another legal issue to be examined, McKee says, is whether or not a government entity is allowed to use another government’s cooperative contract if there was no specific mention of cooperative purchasing in the document...

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