Government Procurement's Focus on Rules Compliance

Categories : Procurement Stages | Assess Opportunity | Set Strategy Published on : Jul 18 2017

By: ProcurementIQ Staff Writer, Ashley McKay

While many of the private sector's processes are profit driven, the public sector tends to base their purchases on rules compliance. According to Stephen Bauld, "numerous studies have shown that governments around the word pay generally more than the private sector for the goods and services they buy."

In his recent article, Stephen Bauld highlights some differences between private and public procurement. Click here to read the full article.

About Stephen Bauld:

Stephen has more than 40 years of international experience in purchasing in both the public and private sectors. He served as the vice-president of the Ontario General Contractors Association for four years, and until recently was on the board of directors of the Ontario Institute of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada.

He has extensive experience in negotiating multi-million dollar contracts and in dispute resolution. With more than 60 publications in the field including three books, Municipal Procurement, Handbook of Municipal Procurement, and Leadership, or the Lack Thereof. He is regular columnist in the Daily Commercial News with his weekly column Procurement Perspectives.

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