If You’re Still Using Google for Category Research, You’re Doing It Wrong

Categories : Procurement Stages | Assess Opportunity | Save Money | Reduce Risk | Set Strategy Published on : Dec 07 2017

By: ProcurementIQ Staff Writer, Hilary O'Brien

When you settle in to begin preliminary research on a new category, where do you start? Like any living, breathing person these days, you probably open up a browser and start typing queries into your preferred search engine. In fact, Accenture Interactive notes that “94 percent of B2B buyers report that they conduct some form of online research before purchasing a business product.”

And sure, Google will provide you with a ton of information within seconds. But, how do you know that information is accurate, unbiased and up-to-date? The truth is: you don’t know. And more importantly, can you quickly find the category-specific information you need? Combing through the thousands of search results is like trying to find a needle in an online haystack.

So, if Google is your main (or only) source for research, we’re here to tell you – you’re doing it wrong!

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