ProcurementIQ Releases RFP Builder

Categories : Procurement Stages | Conduct RFP Strategy | Save Time | Set Strategy Published on : May 10 2018

By: ProcurementIQ Staff Writer, Hilary O'Brien

ProcurementIQ, a trusted leader in procurement category research and market intelligence, announces its newest product, the RFP Builder.

The RFP Builder is a secure, web-based platform that allows sourcing professionals to create RFPs backed by ProcurementIQ’s vast category research and data. Tools like pre-filled templates, useful Pro-Tips, an RFP Library, dashboards, and the Strategy Whiteboard, which helps set goals and timelines, will allow procurement departments to improve their RFP processes and create better RFPs. These features lead to better vendor responses and improved sourcing outcomes.

“The mission of ProcurementIQ is to make the professional lives of procurement practitioners more efficient. The RFP process at many organizations is one of the most inefficient areas,” said Kevin Culbert, Vice President, Production. “We aim to help them save time by working smarter, not harder, and the RFP Builder accomplishes this through a cutting-edge and collaborative platform that is incredibly user-friendly.”

ProcurementIQ’s RFP Builder automatically populates best practice templates using the market intelligence firm’s 1,000+ research reports, and allows users to add, remove and customize information, as needed. Sourcing professionals will find that the RFP Builder turns the RFP process into a quick, centralized and repeatable experience, resulting in time savings and better vendor selection.  

Learn more about the RFP Builder to discover how it can help your organization’s RFP process.