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   Procurement Digital Strategy Infographic
In this digital age, procurement departments must acknowledge, understand and implement new technologies to achieve their goals and satisfy their stakeholders' demands.
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   A Shift In Strategy: Improving Global Water Management
As originally published in Water Online By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Deonta Smith The White House considers the existing global water challenge one of the greatest threats to national security.
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   Negotiation Brief: Procurement Software
By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Torsten EdstamStrategic Questions for Choosing the Right Supplier The procurement software market has grown in recent years due to its popularity among procurement professionals.
   Negotiation Brief: IT Consulting Services
By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Michelle Hovanetz Strategic Questions for Choosing the Right Supplier The IT consulting market has expanded in recent years, alongside explosive growth in the tech sector and the ever-looming threat of cyber attacks.
   Negotiation Brief: Facilities Management Services
By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Ian BuchananStrategic Questions for Choosing the Right SupplierFacilities management services have been becoming more popular among building owners. Providers offer direct management of a range of facility functions, from janitorial services to landscaping, building maintenance and energy management.
   Negotiation Brief: Security Guard Services
By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Nate GelmanStrategic Questions for Choosing the Right SupplierWith revenue poised to reach more than $30 billion in 2017, it’s clear that the Security Guard Services market has been enjoying strong growth in recent years.
   Negotiation Brief: Management Consulting Services
By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Michelle HovanetzStrategic Questions for Choosing the Right Supplier The management consulting market has been booming in recent years, generating $252.8 billion in 2016, according to ProcurementIQ estimates.
   Negotiation Brief: Contract Management Software
By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Cindy Du Strategic Questions for Choosing the Right Supplier Contract management software is a business productivity software used to author, store, organize and analyze contracts efficiently.
   Negotiation Brief: Human Resources Software
By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Cindy Du Strategic Questions for Choosing the Right Supplier Due to the growing number of businesses and rising worker turnover rates, companies have had to devote more time to employee-related administrative tasks, such as recruitment tracking, employee scheduling, worker performance evaluations, benefits administration and payroll management.
   Negotiation Brief: Contingent Workforce Management Services
By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Michelle HovanetzStrategic Questions for Choosing the Right Supplier In 2015, there were 44 million contingent workers in the United States, according to the most recent data by Staffing Industry Analysts.
   Negotiation Brief: HVAC System Construction & Maintenance
By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Jonathan BryanStrategic Questions for Choosing the Right Supplier The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) construction and maintenance market has been flourishing in the past three years.
   Get Your Purchasing in Order: 5 Common Procurement Problems
By: Brittany Whitmore, Communications and Community Manager at Procurify A reliable procurement system is designed for speed, efficiency, and accuracy.
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   Procurement Glossary
Benchmarking The process of comparing an organization and its products, services, operations and/or processes against others (typically against the best) in the industry.
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   Game Theory Negotiations: Are You Striving for the Win or the Win-Win?
By: ProcurementIQ Staff Writer, Ashley McKay How strategic do you get during negotiations? For some organizations, saving money is their ultimate priority, so they may go in just wanting the lowest price the vendor can offer.
   Procurement, Are You Driving Your Organization Forward?
By: ProcurementIQ Content Marketer, Ashley McKayAs indirect procurement continues climbing — growing $4.9 trillion per year as of 2017 — and roughly $649 billion of all indirect spend gets wasted, the need for market intelligence is obvious.
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   Frequently Asked Questions about ProcurementIQ
Here are some questions we often hear from procurement professionals who are getting to know ProcurementIQ Procurement and learning about how it can help you achieve procurement goals like saving time and money, reducing risk, setting strategy and improving credibility.
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   Public Procurement & Negotiating in Difficult Markets
By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Jessie Henley In the face of changing political landscapes, fluctuating commodity costs and increasing globalization, public procurement faces a range of buying environments where they lack the upper hand.
   Finding the Hidden Talent on Your Procurement Team
By: ProcurementIQ Staff Writer, Kiera Outlaw Your procurement department faces headwinds daily.
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   Risk in Procurement: A Negative or Positive?
By: ProcurementIQ Staff Writer, Ashley McKay In a recent article published on SynerTrade, “Increasing Procurement’s Risk Agility with a Silver Lining Strategy,” Kelly Barner (of Buyers Meeting Point) discusses the importance of looking at risk with a neutral eye.
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   Why the RFP Is the Enemy of Innovation
By: Chris Maddox, Co-founder and CEO of Seneca SystemsTraditional public procurement processes don't work in an era of startups and rapid technological change.For decades, the private sector has been forced to jump through increasingly challenging hoops to do business with government.
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   Procurement’s Make-over
According to Richard Sterling, "Procurement has not had a positive image with C-suites for many years.
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   A Leading Financial Services Company Scores a Trifecta of Success
How Market Intelligence helped Save Money, Reduce Risk and Set Strategy Procurement’s Challenge Historically, a leading financial services company contracted with multiple security service partners across ten separate locations through labor and services agreements.
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   Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions with Market Intelligence
By: ProcurementIQ Staff Writer, Hilary O'Brien If you’re like most of your procurement peers, you’re working harder than ever to align your purchasing goals with your organization’s overall strategy.
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   Client Q&A with Jennifer Obergfell, Assistant Manager, Global Procurement at Coach
By: AdministratorThis month, we caught up with Jennifer Obergfell, Assistant Manager, Global Procurement at Coach, to find out what’s going on in her world of procurement.
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   DowDuPont Merger Creates Single Chemical Giant
By: ProcurementIQ Analyst, Thomas Larson In December of 2015, Dow Chemical and DuPont announced their intent to merge into a single chemical conglomerate.
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   Weatherization: 4 Markets to Watch When Preparing for Winter
By: ProcurementIQ Staff Writer, Mara Michael Each winter, businesses throughout the United States must prepare for harsh weather conditions that generate hefty expenses.
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   ProcurementIQ Launches the Procurement Insider
By: ProcurementIQ Staff Writer, Hilary O'Brien ProcurementIQ, the leading publisher of indirect category research, announces the launch of the Procurement Insider.
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