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Accurate category insights and data can be hard to find.

With ProcurementIQ, pricing data, supplier intelligence and
contract strategies are right at your fingertips.

Work smarter and more efficiently with trustworthy market
intelligence on 1,000+ categories across the globe.

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“With the information from ProcurementIQ’s reports, the
County’s procurement staff provided value-added support,
knowledge and expertise.”
Fairfax County Department of Procurement and Material Management
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researching unfamiliar
Frustrated by generic or
outdated market data?
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internal and external
How We Help

Strategic Sourcing Made
Quick & Easy

Our market intelligence reports cover the full range of market dynamics,
from vendors to pricing to negotiation levers, to help you eliminate time-
consuming research tasks and cut your sourcing lead time by up to 50%

Grasp Any Market in a Matter of

Easy-to-scan market intelligence gets you up to speed quickly,
whether you’re new to procurement or have years of experience.
  • Jumpstart your opportunity assessment with a 360 view of any market,
    delivered in a simple and intuitive format
  • Replace wordy, textbook-style reports with leaner, more actionable data
    and insights
  • Relay expert knowledge to stakeholders without putting in days of work

Lock in Better Prices

Go to bid with all the pricing data you need to keep suppliers honest and avoid unnecessary spending.
  • Uncover the average market price and compare it to your
    supplier’s price quote
  • Use price forecasts to see what’s up ahead in your market
  • Understand total ownership costs and plan for hidden fees
    throughout the contract term
  • Discover unique negotiation levers
ProcurementIQ - Lock in Better Prices

Find the Right Supplier

Discover the top suppliers in the market and benchmark them
against competitors.
  • Find the top 10+ vendors with the most market share
  • See how one vendor stacks up to the next with our
    Competitor Matrix
  • Secure critical information on location, business size, company
    financials and other vendor selection criteria
What’s in a free trial?
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    Access to 1,000+ market intelligence reports
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    Hassle-free online platform
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    Demo and training made readily available
ProcurementIQ Reports
Market Intelligence
Market Intelligence
Guide opportunity
assessments, find suppliers,
and gather forward-looking
information on pricing and
other negotiation levers.
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Custom Research
Custom Research
Answer procurement’s
toughest questions with
tailored information, on your
terms. Our analysts tackle a
range of projects with care.
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Supplier Profiles
Vendor Sourcing
Access unbiased supplier
details and pricing data to
help you compare vendors’
financial health, product lines,
price structures and more.
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RFP Templates
RFP Templates
Save hours of time
researching for your RFP. We
outline the key elements of
a strong RFP, infused with
market-specific content.
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Our Products & Tools

Build Your

Leverage our market intelligence collection and
procurement tools to achieve your cost avoidance goals,
align strategies, save time and improve speed to market.

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The useful content and complex research that ProcurementIQ provides in their reports have proven them to be a valuable and reliable research tool.
Buyer, Santa Clara County
ProcurementIQ has transformed the way category leaders conduct research — it is exciting to see the advancement of our trade.
Director of Strategic Sourcing, Fortune 500 Retailer
Trusted by Fortune 500’s ANd regional operators alike
Ally Bank
Ernst & Young

We Lighten Your Load

  • Sophisticated procurement departments rely on more than
    in-house talent.
  • Supplement your in-house experts with ours!
  • ProcurementIQ’s research analysts and relationship
    managers are here to help you solve your unique business
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ProcurementIQ - Ben Kempenich Senior Business Research Analyst

Ben Kempenich

Senior Business Research Analyst

Analyst Spotlight
Ben joined ProcurementIQ in 2017, after working in the banking, equity research and market research fields. In addition to a music degree, he holds an MBA focused on finance and strategy. At ProcurementIQ, Ben researches the software, financial services and industrial machinery markets. He specializes in custom research projects for many of our Fortune 500 clients.
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