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Webinar: The Role of Category Expertise in Your Procurement Strategy
Susan Walker, Bill Wallack and Brian Adler from Chase Cost Management discuss how Subject Matter Experts can bring value to procurement to produce short- and long-term results.
Category Management
Strategic Sourcing
Inflation Buster - Tactics to Mitigate Cost Increase Requests
Art of Procurement's Phil Ideson, Kelly Barner and Helen Mackenzie share best practices for handling cost increase requests in the current business environment.
Vendor Mangement
Cost Avoidance
Economic Trends
Turning Insights into Actions that Transform Procurement's Impact
The experts at Art of Procurement talk through their experiences with market intelligence, offering real world applications for cost structure data, buyer power scores and more.
Strategic Sourcing
Category Management
Stakeholder Management
ProcurementIQ Vendor Management Tools
Key contract clauses, KPIs and SLAs help you better engage with suppliers, input indices in contracts for performance and better protect your business when prices are unfavorable.
Stakeholder Management
Vendor Management
ProcurementIQ Buyer Power Score
ProcurementIQ measures buyer power on a scale from negative 5 to positive 5 and provides a historical trend as well as a forecast buyer power score. Watch the video to learn more.
Category Management
ProcurementIQ Recent Developments
Get near-real-time updates on the latest news affecting dozens of categories. As the external environment changes in your market, you get the timely insights you need to act fast.
Category Management
Economic Trends
Webinar: Improve Your RFP Process by Avoiding These 5 Pitfalls
Let’s get back to the basics with 4 Degrees North’s Phil Bode, an expert on how to craft great RFPs. He’ll talk about 5 common pitfalls that are tripping up your process.
RFP Resources
How to Create a Digital Strategy for Procurement
ProcurementIQ and Bertrand Maltaverne discuss ways to help you create a digital strategy for your procurement department that will benefit you, your stakeholders and suppliers.