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Use ProcurementIQ’s market intelligence reports to get up to speed quickly on hundreds of indirect categories. Find actionable data, analysis and key takeaways on price, market, vendors and contract management.

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United States Market Intelligence Reports

Secure the Right Price, From the Right Supplier

Identify the top providers in the market and get the leverage you need to score fair prices from any supplier.
  • Get insight into top suppliers’ revenue, market share and
    risk - plus find details about their locations and more
  • View market pricing and discover how features and add-ons
    drive prices up or down
  • Understand where suppliers’ pricing power sits currently
    and assess how it will change in the future

Adapt to Emerging Trends

Interpret changes in the external environment as they unfold, with market intelligence that updates with the news cycle.
  • Quantify the impact of recent developments on your market, in near-real-time
  • Weigh supplier power against buyer power to guide the
    timing of your purchase
  • Review ESG summaries that show you opportunities for
    socially conscious sourcing
Adapt to New Situations
Manage Vendors More Strategically

Manage Vendors More Strategically

Build smarter contracts and monitor vendors’ performance to identify red flags or opportunities ahead of renegotiations.
  • Leverage market-specific KPIs and SLAs that help you hold
    vendors accountable
  • Start building your ideal contract using key contract clauses
    for your market
  • Protect your organization from unfair contract terms and
    price adjustments
Let's Get Strategic
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