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Back to Work Guide: The Office of the Future

To facilitate a smooth shift from remote work to in-office work, ProcurementIQ has put together this forward-looking guide

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Labor Shortage News for 5 Key Markets

Labor shortages are spreading across the economy, driving salaries upward and inflating end prices for many goods and services. Read up on five markets that are currently being impacted and unpack the effects on the Call Center Services market with one of our analysts.

Webinar: Turning Insights into Actions that Transform Procurement's Impact

Philip Ideson, Kelly Barner and Helen Mackenzie of Art of Procurement demonstrate how procurement can use category specific information to inform their sourcing and negotiation strategies without slowing the business down.

ProcurementIQ Unveils Major Enhancements to Report Collection

You asked, we listened: New market intelligence tools and user-friendly report layout will deliver actionable insights faster than ever.

ProcurementIQ Buyer Power Score

ProcurementIQ has updated our Buyer Power Score section to provide more clarity about where the balance of power sits within a category. 

ProcurementIQ Recent Developments

We know that the external environment can change in an instant. To make important decisions, you need the most up to date information available.  

ProcurementIQ Vendor Management Tools

ProcurementIQ now covers all 4 key components of market intelligence for procurement, including Vendor Management tools.

ProcurementIQ Report Enhancements

Learn about the new website, report layout and new data that is available to help you make the best purchasing decisions. 

Halftime Report: 5 Procurement Trends in the Second Half of 2021

Procurement departments and buyers that embrace proactive spending strategies are better equipped to reinforce supply chain resiliency in their organizations.

Chinese Telecom Equipment Vendors Face Trouble in the United States

Procurement professionals should examine the increasing risks when sourcing telecom equipment and services from Chinese companies, including regulatory compliance risks, intellectual property infringement, quality failures and political risks.

Service Sectors Lead the Way out of Recession

The hardest hit sectors are driving the recovery from the pandemic.

Uprooting Food Supply Chains Post COVID-19

Food supply chains need to be reinforced for the post-pandemic era.

Container Shortage Threatens Higher Shipping Costs

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has had a domino effect on the global container and shipping industry that threatens to upend prices, lead times and procurement processes for the foreseeable future.

Ransomware Attacks on the Rise

Ransomware attackers are upping their game; it’s about time we start playing.

Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Aims to Transform Procurement

Biden’s proposed American Jobs Plan will utilize federal spending and procurement to reimagine infrastructure and rebuild a new economy, fundamentally transforming procurement standards and the way that corporations make purchases.

6 Best Practices for Commodities Contracts

ProcurementIQ introduces commodity purchasing best practices to help businesses navigate commodity contracts and trends.

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