Who is ProcurementIQ?

ProcurementIQ’s talented team of analysts, editors, sales, client
services, management and support members work hard to serve
the specific needs of procurement departments.

Our Story

ProcurementIQ was founded in 2013, originally as IBISWorld Procurement, to meet the specific needs of procurement practitioners and departments. In 2018, we changed our name to ProcurementIQ to better reflect our commitment to the procurement departments we serve. The company remains a division of IBISWorld Inc, a global industry and market research firm founded in 1971.

ProcurementIQ offers a suite of products and services that cater directly to solving your problems, like achieving cost avoidance targets, improving speed to market, training and upskilling employees, centralizing category knowledge in your department and building relationships with stakeholders.

IBISWorld, including ProcurementIQ, has offices in the United States (Los Angeles and New York), Melbourne, London, Frankfurt and Beijing.

Learn more about how ProcurementIQ solutions can address your needs and impact your department:

Market and Category IntelligenceCustom Research ServicesSupplier ProfilesRFP Templates

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike many other research solutions on the market today, ProcurementIQ caters directly to procurement professionals. Our research follows a consistent table of contents, meaning you can easily find what you need. We address seven common steps in the procurement process, with actionable insights to guide you through purchasing any of the 1,000+ categories we cover. And, as a member, you have a dedicated account manager to leverage for project-specific advice, training, and improving end user understanding and use of the reports.

Who Do We Serve?

Market intelligence, custom research services, supplier profiles and the RFP template collection have application and value across all types of organizations, including Fortune 500’s, small-to-medium businesses, universities, non-profits and public entities and utilities. Browse our selection of case studies to see how a variety of clients have leveraged ProcurementIQ for success.

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