Your Needs

Go Way Beyond Cost Savings

Our solutions can help you achieve goals that go beyond cost savings, like
engaging with stakeholders, mitigating risk, proving cost avoidance successes
and improving on speed to market objectives.

Increase Speed to Market

Rapidly gain knowledge and expertise across 1,000+ categories and reduce time spent on research and information gathering. Use these time savings to deliver on stakeholder expectations and allow staff to spend more time on strategic activities.

Achieve Cost Avoidance

Go beyond project-based cost savings and create a cost avoidance strategy that will evolve with you, year after year. Calculate total cost of ownership, leverage buyer and supplier power balances and employ strong negotiation tactics to meet your targets.

Train Staff and Reduce Loss
of Knowledge

Quickly and efficiently train employees on new or unfamiliar categories. Plus, ensure that institutional knowledge doesn’t walk out the door when employees leave by embedding category information centrally within your department.

Better Engage with Internal

Collaborate with stakeholders on sourcing decisions and bring value to conversations across more than 1,000 categories, allowing you to build trust between departments so you can be seen as a trusted advisor.
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