Robust Procurement Research for European Markets

Your access for detailed market intelligence covering hundreds of categories across Europe

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Explore Regional Pricing

European Map
Get the full picture of the price environment with a detailed map to help you weigh sourcing options
  • Compare average prices across Europe against your supplier's price quotes.
  • View average prices at the pan-European level or drill down by country for more specific national pricing.
  • Keep suppliers honest by bringing unbiased, third-party pricing data to the negotiating table.
European Map
Vendor Selection

Accelerate the Vendor Selection Process

Vendor Selection
Quickly understand which suppliers operate in the market and whether they meet your organization's standards
  • Build your list of European suppliers based on the top 10 operators in the market.
  • Choose the suppliers that best suit your sourcing goals based on market share, revenue, risk and other factors.
  • Compare product and service lines across top vendors to aid consolidation goals and support your overall strategy.

Adapt to Changing Market Trends & ESG Measures

Changing Market
View forward-looking projections for buyer power and ESG opportunities based on your market's changing trends
  • Track changes in buyer power as they occur, with a dynamic score that changes based on recent news events.
  • Strategically time your purchases with a five-year buyer power trend and "buy now" vs. "buy later" indicators.
  • Set more realistic, sustainable and socially responsible sourcing goals by viewing market-level ESG opportunities.
Changing Market
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