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Procurement Market Intelligence Report

Integrated Advertising Services
Sourcing Guide & Market Trends

Comprehensive intelligence for making smart purchasing decisions

Learn about actual and potential costs

How much should I pay for Integrated Advertising Services?

What is the average price of Integrated Advertising Services?

This procurement report includes pricing information to help you purchase Integrated Advertising Services. Our analysts provide a benchmark price and a price range based on key pricing factors to help you understand what you should be paying for this specific product or service. To see the average price for this and hundreds of other products and services, subscribe to ProcurementIQ.

Has the price of Integrated Advertising Services been rising or falling?

Analysts look at market data from the previous three years to determine an overall price trend. You can use the recent price trends to help you understand price volatility and plan your budget.

I’m not ready to purchase Integrated Advertising Services yet. Will I pay more if I wait too long?

We forecast the next three years of price movements by looking at factors likely to affect the market's supply chain, such as inputs, demand and competition. You can then use the price forecast to figure out the best time to purchase.

What other costs are associated with purchasing Integrated Advertising Services?

Our analysts calculate the total cost of ownership and assign a level of low, moderate or high, depending on things like customization, integration and installation. Use this information to budget for Integrated Advertising Services with a reduced risk of unexpected costs.

See how we display average pricing information, trends and market data.

Find the vendor to meet your needs

Where can I purchase ?

The top four suppliers of integrated advertising services collectively earn only 14.7% of market revenue, thereby indicating low market concentration. Low capital intensity allows suppliers to enter the market with relative ease. The large pool of suppliers, which is widely distributed across the country, contributes to low market concentration. Capital... Subscribe to learn more.

Questions to ask potential suppliers

How can I gain leverage during negotiations?

Client Portfolio

What is the average retention rate among your clients?

Who are your top five clients? How long have they been your clients?

On which industries do you rely most for business? Do you foresee any disruptions in your business resulting from problems in these industries?

Do you offer any incentives to customers that refer businesses or individuals to your company?

Campaign Specifics

Have you ever completed an advertising campaign similar to the one you are proposing to me? If so, how did it turn out?

How do you think the campaign you are proposing will affect customers' perception of my company's brand?

How would you explain my product or service to the average consumer?

What quality control measures will you implement to ensure the campaign is successful?

How do you plan to measure the results of this campaign?

Will there be any additional costs, such as media expenses, resulting from this project?

Legal Concerns

How do you handle privacy considerations related to data collection?

Has your agency ever been in violation of the law? If so, for what? How did you handle the situation?

What confirmation can you give that the advertising you create will be in full compliance with any regulations related to the product or service my company provides?

Would you be willing to sign a noncompete clause for my most direct competitors?

Customer Support

What are the terms of your service level agreements?

What is the availability of the key personnel assigned to my project? Can I contact you 24/7, or only during business hours?

How often do you expect us to engage in phone calls and on-site visits?

How do you address client concerns or complaints?

“Sending out RFPs used to be a nightmare”

Let’s chat about how procurement market intelligence can reduce 
the time you spend issuing RFPs.

Key elements for every RFP

What should my RFP include?

Project Budget

Buyers should explicitly state the amount of the contract award.

Buyers should explain whether they expect to pay for services after each advertising project completion or at some other point during the life of the contract.

Buyers can consult the Benchmark Price section of this report to determine about how much they should pay.

Selection Criteria

Buyers should evaluate the experience of the employees that will be assigned to the advertising project.

Buyers should make sure the provider offers appropriate web developers and graphic designers that have the expertise needed for the project.

Buyers should evaluate providers based on the estimated costs of the advertising services they are offering.

For a detailed list of key selection criteria, buyers should reference the Buying-Decision Scorecard section of this report.

Project Schedule

Buyers need to include the date proposals are due and when award information will be available.

Buyers should provide the timeline of the project.

Buyers should also include any other benchmark dates relevant to the project that suppliers will need to be aware of.

Evaluate major factors to mitigate risk

How risky is the supply chain?

The supply chain risk for integrated advertising service providers is low. Key first tier suppliers include ad space providers, computer manufacturers, commercial real estate lessors and internet service providers. Suppliers use computers to create and edit content, communicate with clients and conduct general administrative tasks. Due to the decline in... Subscribe to learn more.