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Procurement Market Intelligence Report

Uniform Rental
Sourcing Guide & Market Trends

Comprehensive intelligence for making smart purchasing decisions

Learn about actual and potential costs

How much should I pay for Uniform Rental?

What is the average price of Uniform Rental?

This procurement report includes pricing information to help you purchase Uniform Rental. Our analysts provide a benchmark price and a price range based on key pricing factors to help you understand what you should be paying for this specific product or service. To see the average price for this and hundreds of other products and services, subscribe to ProcurementIQ.

Has the price of Uniform Rental been rising or falling?

Analysts look at market data from the previous three years to determine an overall price trend. You can use the recent price trends to help you understand price volatility and plan your budget.

I’m not ready to purchase Uniform Rental yet. Will I pay more if I wait too long?

We forecast the next three years of price movements by looking at factors likely to affect the market's supply chain, such as inputs, demand and competition. You can then use the price forecast to figure out the best time to purchase.

What other costs are associated with purchasing Uniform Rental?

Our analysts calculate the total cost of ownership and assign a level of low, moderate or high, depending on things like customization, integration and installation. Use this information to budget for Uniform Rental with a reduced risk of unexpected costs.

See how we display average pricing information, trends and market data.

Find the vendor to meet your needs

Where can I purchase ?

The uniform rental service market exhibits a high level of market share concentration, with the top three players (Cintas, Aramark and UniFirst) accounting for about 80.0% of total market revenue. In addition, moderate barriers to entry, which primarily stem from considerable startup costs and stringent regulations, contribute to high market... Subscribe to learn more.

Questions to ask potential suppliers

How can I gain leverage during negotiations?

Laundering Practices

Do you use detergents containing nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE)?

How do you keep uniforms up to sanitary standards?

What is your turnaround time for delivering laundered uniforms?

Are there add-on charges for wastewater or energy costs? How much would these cost each week?

Does your company charge for laundering based on the number of uniforms being laundered at that time or the number of uniforms in the contract?

Are there any fee increases for laundering uniforms over the length of the contract?

Contract Agreement

Are you committed to maintaining your rental fee for the entire length of the contract? If not, how will the rental price changes be determined?

What is the difference in pricing for each added year of a contract?

How often do you replace the uniforms during a contract?

How do you approach the work efforts and costs of the subsequent years of the contract?

Competition & Barriers to Entry

How do you win and retain clients?

What is your reputation among your customers, and how have you developed your reputation?

Do you offer any incentives to customers that refer businesses or individuals to your company?

How long have you had your longest-tenured client? What do you consider to be the reason for their loyalty?

How do you handle emergency requests for uniforms?

Company Experience

How long have you been doing business in the uniform rental market?

Can you provide the evidence of meeting all regulatory, quality and safety standards?

Are you now or have ever been involved in a merger, acquisition or other divestment? How does this impact your business?

May I evaluate your balance sheet?

What is the credit score of your business?

Supply Chain

How does an increase in raw material prices such as cotton and polyester affect both your business and me as a buyer?

How do you assure the quality of your uniforms?

Can you tell me about a time when there was a disruption in the supply chain? How did you fix it?

Do you foresee any disruptions in your supply chain that would prevent you from delivering my rented items?

“Sending out RFPs used to be a nightmare”

Let’s chat about how procurement market intelligence can reduce 
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Key elements for every RFP

What should my RFP include?

Project Budget

If one exists, buyers should specify their budget for the desired uniform rental services as well as related products and services.

Buyers should include information about any budgetary constraints.

Buyers can reference the Benchmark Price and Total Cost of Ownership sections of this report for assistance in creating a budget.

Selection Criteria

Buyers should evaluate potential vendors based on their compliance with technical specifications stated in the RFP.

Buyers should evaluate potential vendors based on their ability to provide a superior level of customer service, as evidenced by references.

Buyers should evaluate potential vendors based on their qualifications and experience.

For other selection criteria requirements, buyers should reference the Buying-Decision Scorecard section of this report.

Project Schedule

Buyers should outline the timeframe for the RFP.

Buyers should include the date when proposals are due and when the award will be announced.

Buyers should specify the desired project start date.

Buyers should outline the length and terms of the contract and the cancellation policy.

Evaluate major factors to mitigate risk

How risky is the supply chain?

The risk of input price shocks or discontinuity of service due to the supply chain is moderate in the uniform rental market, thereby harming buyer power. While uniform rental companies are not typically highly dependent on critical inputs that can threaten the continuity of business, apparel stocks have been challenged... Subscribe to learn more.