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An image showcasing SupplierIQ's SWOT Analysis, Competitor Matrix, General Information and Financial Graph

Save Time Identifying, Qualifying and Benchmarking Suppliers

Gather information faster with SupplierIQ’s centrally located supplier information. Our company profiles bring financial data, competitor rankings, SWOT analysis and other general information into one ecosystem.

A SupplierIQ Report links off to a Procurement Research Report

Take a Market-Specific Approach to Supplier Research

SupplierIQ shows you the product or service markets each supplier occupies based on the categories covered in our Procurement Report collection. Toggle between category reports and SupplierIQ to get a more complete picture of suppliers.

Table showing a private company's financial ranges

Access Hard-to-Find Financial Benchmarks for Private Companies

SupplierIQ’s private company financial ranges can’t be found anywhere else. Our extensive financial benchmarks help you decide whether a supplier meets the thresholds required to issue an RFP, make a one-time or limited purchase or invest the resources required to fully vet the company.

"This tool is really impressive! I can see that ProcurementIQ is becoming a sole source provider to meet our market intelligence needs."

–Recent client feedback

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